Comic Review: Grimm Fairy Tales VS Wonderland 1-3


Joe Brusha
Ralph tedesco
Pat shand
Troy brownfield
Luca claretti
Leonardo paciarotti
Jim Campbell
Pat Shand

I should begin by disclosing I’ ve not followed this world so far. Wonderland is a bit of a new realm to me, other than the obvious references to Alice in Wonderland. As I read through these three books I felt I had missed out on a richly developed universe I wanted to learn more about. Along with telling a strong story so far,(Issue #4 is a must for me) it was able to inter-twine a fair amount of information on what had come before. There was a brief recap of the origins of the players in this new crossover Chapter.

I enjoyed the fantastic  art in these books. Luca Claretti knows how to draw strong , sexy ,powerful women with just a hint of a throwback to the art that inspired the original stories of Alice in Wonderland. The panels flowed seamlessly and laid out the story quite well.

The story behind  the Guardian and the White Queen coming together was a bit simplistic  but once they were together their interaction and dialogue that accompanied it was quite well done. The interaction between the Rabbit and the cat was chuckle worthy in a good way at most times also. An F bomb got dropped that I wasn’t crazy about, as it didn’t add anything to the story and timing is everything with dialogue like that.

The overall story so far has been a great standalone tale that furthered the main characters goals and storyline while fleshing out the origins of  what I assume will be the main Antagonist’s “footsoldier”. It easier to hate or sympathize with a villain if you know his past……that was definitely accomplished here.

My only main critique other than the errand F bomb was that Sela Mathers and the White Queens dialogue seemed to have a twinge of “guy talk” to it. Female Heroines have always been at their best to me when they use their language almost as much as a weapon as their powers. If I wasn’t aware a gent had written this fine story(Troy Brownfield, who still told a pretty good yarn), the fight scence between the Guardian and White Queen would have given it away.

Whenever I drop myself into any story like this where there is a rich history behind what I am reading, I ask myself two questions. Could the story standalone without knowing the tale’s History before?….and do I want to read more to learn about how we got where we are? For Grimm Fairy Tales VS Wonderland the answer was yes on both counts. I look forward to reading Book 4.

Scott Carey

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