Hey Poppers

Well since I found and posted that fan made short film, The Verse. I decided to look around and see what else is out there that you and I have not seen. Well found one.

Superman:Doomsday – Justice is one of those ones. These film is the third part of an trilogy of fan made films. Part one is the Death of Superman, Part two is Funeral for a Friend.  I have not posted the other and yeah I should of done all three in order but WTF I found this one first. But anyway Poppers this is one well made and great film. Using clips from different films and he lists all the films, Kashchei2003 splice and mixes and tweaks all these different scenes together at times so seamlessly that you think it is a real movie. You know what I mean. There is very little dialogue in the film. The tone set with the images and music. Take sometime and give it a view. Oh yeah stick around after the credits. Following the people at Marvel there is something a little extra at the end.

Source: YouTube

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