VGC: Look I’m Dancin’

The Game Huntress

The most annoying character award goes to:
Drum Roll please!
imagesGPY3VS97Claptrap From the Borderlands series, now I am usually one to love robots but however he was one that drove me nuts and I only played maybe the first mission or two. Most of the time  he would say “Look I am Dancin’ ” and falls over or just gets in the way. I don’t recall him being much of a helpful character anyway and that voice ugh his voice! My ears were never happy when he was flapping his jaw so to speak. I didn’t really care for Borderlands from what I did play so maybe that’s why he drives me insane. Some may agree and some may disagree and that’s your outlook!

Now there are some more equally annoying characters but alas none popped into my head other than him at the moment. Pretty sure he was written to be annoying…

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