30 Day VG Challenge:Accepted.

The Game Huntress

 I originally saw this challenge on a fellow blogger/Friends blog page, you can find Josh’s page here http://omistahj13.com. And since my name is The Game Huntress I couldn’t pass up this challenge! Plus I always love a good photo challenge or blog challenge, I have participated in a whole bunch on Instagram before. Any who. Here is the challenge: Day One Begins now wish me luck!

Day One: Very First Video Game

images9K3N747ONow there is several ways that this could be interpreted 1) Very first game I truly remember playing. 2)Video Game that I beat on my own for the first time.
1) I grew up playing Mario brothers and many other games but the one that has truly stuck with me was Duck Hunt! I remember having such a great time standing in front of our TV with that little gun and the dog running around on the background shooting them dang…

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