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J.W. Coughlan here typing away. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @MindWeird and or check out my novella about superheroes. Fantom Fury: The Curse



Spiderman, more specifically Ultimate Spiderman is our subject today.

Watch Ultimate Spiderman, first thing I’m going to say; the Iron Fist episode, Scorpion is Zuko and their sensei is friggin Sulu, you know how I love my crossovers, this show is totally witty, god I love writing a blog, I love writing my books, it is great, I wish I could be a writer professionally, but seriously blogs, I can say whatever I want, however I want and make as many weirdacuious words as I want or TyPe LiKe ThIs it’s totally liberating.


If you remember any past blogs I wrote you may remember I’m just getting going on DW, so Spiderman is helping me through a pretty serious loss, the loss of Ten. I actually can’t talk about that right now, too soon.

david sad

Anyhow, this show and Doctor Who are the only shows my Netflix has to remember right now.


And here is where I let my fingers take a breath 😉 or my voice take a rest, my inner voice? Now that’s Iron Fist stuff.

iron fist

Anyway, I’m the proud father of a 2.5 year young nerd. And he is obsessed with this show, it’s amazing, actually it’s ultimate but you know… So this show, the cut away scenes, witty remarks, chibis and other little tid bits rock! See, I just broke the rule of three, who’s stopping me? Yeah anyhow, Spiderman, yes he joins SHIELD, yes, we see Nick Fury, yes he hangs out with Iron Fist Nova White Tiger and Power man. Yes aunt May is sexy, yes JK Simmons voices Jameson. Yes we see Hawkeye, Blade, Deadpool, Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk and Thor and Loki and omg omg talking about how awesome this show is really makes it clear how awesome this show is. Dr Doom check, Juggernaut check. Wolverine check. We also see Doctor Strange, The Thing shows up Yes the Coulson guy is Coulson. Do the Guardians of the Galaxy come along, yes they do! And we get all kinds of Spiderman classic villains and characters. Green Goblin, Sandman, Rhino, Doc Oc, Electro, Venom his bully Flash and MJ and Harry Osborn, Curtis Connors. God, I mean, Stan Lee makes some cameos, which is totally awesome. Yes, Stan Lee in one episode makes many a reference to his the fact that he always attributes an alliteration alongside anyone’s alias. I think Raj named almost all of them on Big Bang once. Who am I to talk though, my book trilogy is Fantom Fury. Anyway, when I say witty, I mean witty, funny great, the sort of thing you feel slash see when you read really great tumblr posts, or a John Green book. The sort of thing that makes you think, oh wow some people out there also think and joke at 702 miles an hour, with a splash of ADD and a dash of wit. I mean, why else are Spiderman Deadpool and original Robin comic favorites, ok I’ll quit mixing DC’s into this blog, because although I love crossovers, people mixing up DC and Marvel drive me nuts. Who would win in a fight The Hulk or Doctor Manhattan? Is Iron Man in the new Batman Superman movie? When will Flash come on Agents of SHIELD? None of that would happen, c’mon!!!


So, what have I said so far, it’s witty, and there are tons of characters? There’s also a great storyline, lots of action, and the episodes get better as the show moves along. If you love Marvel’s poster boy I suggest watching this show. It’s a great tale of friendship, loyalty and love, with like a bigillion superheroes mixed in.


Alright guys, if you want a show, to throw on, to wind down to after a hard day, with action comedy and wit. Full of your favourite characters, I strongly suggest watching Ultimate Spiderman.

Now before I go, I’d like to say something that Will Wheaton and Simon Pegg would approve of. Never stop. Never stop something you love, something that makes you happy. Never stop being yourself because of other people’s judgements. Because that’s what being a nerd is right? Having more fun than others, and never caring what they think.


Until next time


J.W Coughlan

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