Moive Monday: Firefly Fan Film – “THE VERSE”

Hey Poppers

Welcome back. Today’s short film is a fan made film in the Firefly universe. If you know the cult TV series Firefly then you also know that the show still have a large following and fan groups out in the pop culture world. Every once in awhile you can find rumors flying around the internet about a new movie or the cast reunions. Well a group of fans got together and created a very good short film that takes place in the Firefly universe.  The specieal effects for this short film is excellent and over all the acting is pretty good. Like Star Trek Continues that continues the adventures of the starship Enterprise, The Verse keeps alive Joss Whedon’s universe. Unlike Star Trek Continues these is a new crew with new adventures. It would be nice to see these crew again.

So take a look. Hey if you are on your coffee break this is a way to spend it.

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