Spaceship!! Spaceship!! Spaceship!!

The Game Huntress

As many that know me, I am a huge sucker for anything Science Fiction. Anywhere from dreaming about living on mars or out in outer space to giant dinosaurs walking the earth in a modern-day setting. I’d rather live in a sci-fi world then in the real world those imagesmake the best books and video games for me because I just get sucked in and have a hard time breaking free from the worlds and the characters. Something that you may not know about me however is how I have a thing for, you guessed it SPACESHIPS! I’d love to be a commander of my own ship and have my own pilot like Jeff *Joker* Moreau.(Mass Effect voiced by my favorite Seth Green!) Can I just please be the next Commander Shepard or the next Malcolm Reynolds? Pretty Please! 😀 BUT leave out the violence! haha NO? Oh well A girl can dream.


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