Grimm Fairy Tales #102: Review


Grimm Fairy Tales #102

Story: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Pat Shand

Writer: Pat Shand

Art: Andrea Meloni

Colors: Ivan Nunes

Lettering: Jim Campbell

Editor: Nicole Glade

In what Pat Shand points out in GRT:101 we have a mix of Hogwarts and X-Men that continues in GRT: 102. GRT 102 begins with the genie from the lamp being released and this is not your Robin Williams genie.  The Genie grants your wish but twists it to become of a nightmare. The genie was brought to the school by one of the first of new students to the school, Ali. Wulf trying to impress one of the girls, steals the lamp and releases the Genie. The Genie then goes about granting wishes. Wulf wishes to be a mighty warrior, Hailey wishes to be normal and being part water nymph the Genie turns her into a full water nymph. Skye wishes to be wanted and is by the cops and Violet wishes for her mom from Wonderland. In the end Ali who had hoped to use the Genie to bring back his dead mother realizes that it was a mistake bring the Genie with him. Ali wishes for the Genie to return to the lamp. The Genie is confused but does what Ali commands and returns to the lamp.

A lesson it learned.  But by bring the lamp to Acane Acre and letting the Genie grant wishes and twisting them Ali has made an enemy. Wulf feels that he was made to look like a fool and now is out to make Ali life miserable. As Skye lays in bed dreaming she has a dream of a future self and she is walking a dark path.

As Pat Shand points out this book is a cross between Harry Potter and the X-Men but with a magical twist. The hope is to create a new group of Realm Warriors to protect all the Realms just as the warriors of old. The story is a nice read. I have no real idea of the history of these series but I really did not have a hard time getting involved with the story. We see a glimpse of the future that may come to pass or not. So between this begin and that end the direction of this book and it’s students can change and flow down so many paths. Unless Pat has decide that glimpse is the end game.

The art by Andrea Meloni is good and the more I see of it the better it becomes. Each new book I can see his work becoming better and better. Now I have knowledge of him or his work before so I can only go on what I see present.

Overall I like this book. It has the feel of a what it may have been like to first see the beginning of the X-Men. Will this book have the same appeal as that line of books, no. But it is fun to see the beginning of a young team of heroes(or not).

I give GFT:102 4 out of 5 pops.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed not destroyed


John G M Burke

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