Movie Monday:Phaeton

Hey Poppers

Well welcome back to another Movie Monday. Today’s featured short is Phaeton.

This short is from IronZoo Productions an media production company operating around the Tallahassee area. They produce a wide range of different media from live action web shows, documentaries and short films. You can find out more from their Facebook page.

“Commander Joshua Walker, recently promoted to captain of the UCNN Cruiser “Isidore”, goes on his last scheduled delivery to planet Tarsara before returning to drydock. With his two trusted soldiers, Chief Petty Officer Johnson and Corporal Alvarez, Commander Walker uncovers a secret on Gagarin Base that might be more than what is listed under his job description.”

This short at first did look interesting but after a few minutes it played out like most “no one is returning our calls” scenario. They have a special cargo to deliver but something is wrong. They go planet side to investigate and find out everyone is dead. Oh no a mysterious virus. Can not let it spread. Sacrifice ship and crew. So nothing we have not seen before.

I have to believe that the people behind the camera are also the actors. It is not awful but not very entertaining. But give it a watch you may find it to your liking.


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