New SILENT HILL from Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima With Norman Reedus Teased

Another Castle

On August 12, 2014, P.T., an indie horror game and the maiden title of a hitherto unknown 7780s Studio, was released onto the PlayStation Store as a demo, or, as the developers would put it, “the world’s first interactive teaser”.

However, there is more to this odd little title rather than encroaching darkness and the occasional jump scare.

Later on in the day that P.T. was released to the public, players found that beneath this world another teaser lay dormant and ready for discovery.

Though surely not the first to discover this strange little secret, a gamer by the name of SoapyWarpig is accredited with bringing the footage of the P.T. ending to (if you want to see the teaser for yourself skip to 1:16:25 of her play through).

A teaser for a new Silent Hill game created by Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear Solid

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VGMR: August

The Game Huntress

Hello my fellow hunters and huntresses I have decided that I would add a new segment to my blog. I love video games as you may all know, so I decided that I would like to bring you each month the new releases that are coming out and for what system! I used to do something similar on GamerFrolic when I was writing for them and thought I loved doing it so why not just add it onto my own stuff! Hopefully everyone finds it helpful. I know for me I always forget to keep track of whats coming and when so this wont only benefit you it will also benefit myself as well!

Side note: Once I get a program like Microsoft office I will put these posts in a table format so they are a little better looking but as  for now this will have to do.

Name, System…

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Cosplay Thursday

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another exciting look at the world of Cosplay. Again I have found so hot, cute and down right great pieces of Cosplayers and their amazing work. So have a look. I am sure you will love it.

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