Disclaimer: Never watch the live action film. It was terrible. I watched it opening day. Which just happened to be the first time I left my house after my FOURTH open heart surgery!!!! Don’t watch this movie. I gave it two chances. It is as bad as the cartoon was good. So, saying it was a let down, is like saying the Beatles were famous. TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT!


Why Avatar? Why does this need so much explaining, not the movie about blue people,

 No blue

not the movie about a train wreck, oh wait, it was a train wreck, yeah thanks again M Night. I mean ATLA, Legend of Aang, I mean the most beautiful, adventurous adventure ever. K now, don’t get me started on Legend of Korra haters, I’ll post some other time about you strange folk.


Let’s break this down for age groups.

Remember racing home to watch Star Trek TOS.

Remember shaking when you had that Star Wars ticket in your hand.

Remember when Batman got a new suit and him and the Joker went head to head.

Remember plugging in your N64 with Legend of Zelda

That was the level of excitement every time we- Avatards or Team Avatar members or Aangsters or whatever you wanna call us- felt every time Nickelodeon put a new 22 minutes of bliss out.

 keep calm

Now granted, I wasn’t there for the 60s, 70s, 80s, I was there for the nineties and yes I did play Legend of Zelda start to finish about a million times. But I do know, that when I saw this show, I was in complete heaven, full of bliss, you could even say I was in my….. element. A show meant for seven year olds is so beautiful, deep and moving, it could, much like Aangs friendships with lifetimes, transcend any age group.

That was terrible


Iroh taught me never to give up on someone you believe in

Toph taught me that to stand your ground, sometimes you need to be stubborn and that’s okay.

Katara taught me that having hope, can keep you moving forward

Sokka taught me, if you have a joke say it, there is no bad time to be funny

Zuko taught me it’s more important to be true to yourself than live up to the expectations of your family

And Aang taught me that being kind and compassionate to everyone will benefit your own life greatly

hogwarts avatar

What if I told you this was the greatest show ever?


Would you take the blue pill, or red? Or green or yellow. Nations, am I right?

But why is this show so great? Awesome characters?  With incredible development and deep back stories. Torn apart by war, left clinging on to the hope of tomorrow. Yeah, we’ve never seen that in nerd life.

epic toph

Well here are a few other reasons.

The music, never have I seen slash heard such epic and beautiful music be composed for a weekly cartoon. With new scores all the time. The music pulls you that much closer to the edge of your seat, or jerks those tears a little bit more. Every step of the way has new exciting styles of music based on the characters, setting or mood. If you don’t ever watch the show, I would still check out the tracks.

The Story. Wow, this show feels more like a movie. Because right from the first episode there is a set storyline. We know Aang has to learn to master each element. He can already airbend. So through the three seasons he learns the other three. Book One: Water. Book Two: Earth. Book Three: Fire. The storyline is tight, and doesn’t suffer from mission drift. It is great. Plus by the end you are so invested in the story it’s like you’re really there.


The action. Every episode is packed like a nerf gun. With great use of angles and slow motion. Despite being a cartoon this show holds up a crazy level of cinematography against the big boys.

zuko asgard

Stand alones. Anytime there is a stand alone episode, which isn’t often, especially nearing the end of the show, they are charming and sweet. But always end up taking a twist and tying into the bigger story.

sokka moon

The laides. This show is full of strong female characters. Evil or good. The girls keep up or outdo the guys in fights, witty remarks, learning skill and tact. And for a show that is geared for a young audience what better to show your daughter? Not everyone needs to be a princess. And Avatar can show you, girls or boys. Being strong and fighting for what is right isn’t all that hard if you have some support and a cool group of friends.


Everybody has a favourite character, everybody connects with the stories, and everybody who has watched this show has fallen in love.


Get in your element, jump into the state, bend your mind around it. And go on another adventure.

interesting firelord

Until next time, live long and prosper, may the force be with you, ect ect.

J.W. Coughlan

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