Guardians Of The Galaxy: Review

Hey Poppers

So I don’t usually do movie reviews but I went to see Guardians Of The Galaxy on Friday afternoon with my son. We were both excited like little school girls to see this film. Boy, we were not disappointed at all. Guardians was a funny, exciting action packed fun movie that fills you with all you want from a summer block buster. My son was all up for seeing Rocket and he is 16. I have to think it is ten fold for all younger kids. Rocket with all the semi foul mouth furry little craziness will be the highlight for the kids. Marvel was smart getting a PG-13 rating on this film so that they can get the younger group in to see this film. I am sure that parents with a younger kids will bring along also. Hey I would.

Okay so for all the Rocket love this film will be getting you can not forget about the living breathing actors of this film. Chris Pratt was a great as the wise cracking Peter Quill.  Chris Pratt was not the first choice or choice at all for director James Gunn but this is one of those right choice being made by accident by actor and director. We know that Chris can be funny and now we can see that he can pull off the action hero star as well. One of the best moments is at the end when Chris/Peter does something very unusual to distract Ronan. Oh the guy is in shape and I am sure the female audience will love him. Drool.

guardians-galaxyZoe Saldana is becoming the Queen of geeks. Also becoming a action star in her own right. Zoe is perfectly cast as the Gamora. Gamora is a genetically created assassin and the adopted daughter of Thanos but she has no love for her father. Zoe is only 5′ 6 1/2 in height but you can not tell me she has the look  of a woman that can kick a person ass.  Zoe Saldana shows Gamora’s hard shell as well as the soft inside of someone that can not stand by as billions are killed.

article-2661053-1EE017D500000578-324_634x440The third humanoid of the groups of misfits is Drax the Destroyer is played by Dave Bautista. Many of you may know Dave from his WWE days (not sure if he is still wrestling) but he has been making some films. This is his first real big movie and he does a great job. I remember watching Dave in his wrestling days and as Drax he is playing almost the same character. Big, strong and with one goal, killing Ronan. Some have called Bautsita the lone weak link in the film but I disagree. Dave portrays Drax  exactly as Drax is. A man set with one goal and not one for small talk. I mean come on and you tell me that you can not see anyone else playing Drax. Just look at that picture. This man was born to play Drax.

guardians-of-the-galaxy-dave-bautista-drax The two remaining characters of our loving group of misfits is Rocket(Bradley Cooper) and Groot(Vin Diesel). Oh what a loveable pair these to make. Bradley Cooper does a excellent job of bring the CGI hoodlum to life. The only thing missing was the ‘Blam Murder” when Rocket killed anyone. But hey that wouldn’t go over well with the kids. Little Betty running in and shouting, ‘Blam Murder’ to her mom. Funny, yeah.

Groot was good also. Well how can he not be. A totally CGI character that can take any direction. Voice by Vin Diesel acts just as well as Vin. Okay just shittin you. No not really. RocketRaccoonGroodConceptTestGuardians_gallery_primary_home_top_story

Over all this is a great movie and shows that with a minor property Marvel can create a movie that any nerd/geek/dweeb will love to see. Oh I know there will be haters. Fuck is there not a comic to movie adaption that does not please some sloth of a geek. Man just watch and enjoy and shut the fuck up. Sorry to much of my ranting.

So I say give this movie your money and have a great time.

On the geek scale 5/5. Yeah I said it.

Oh as Groot would say, “I am Groot”. Nuff said.



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