Comic Review: Devil Dealers

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 8.44.06 PM Devil Dealers: GN

Published by Markosia Enterprise LTD.

Written by Ross May

Art by Brett Wood

Colors by Kristy Swan

Inks by Victor Moya

Lettering by Ed Brisson

So Poppers here is another comic that was sent to me from out of the blue but more than happy to take a look at.

Ross May writer of Devil Dealers found me and asked me if I have a look at his book and give it a review. Love surprise like that.

Devil Dealers is the of one Greg Gagne one of the world’s greatest card player that happens to have the game of his life. In a wager that seems to out of this world from a beautiful player, Greg wager his soul for half of all the money in the world. Well if the dude wins and finds out that this was a honest bet and that the girl was the Devil. When Greg and the Devil’s game is interrupted by a group of people that don’t want the Devil dead but captured. But not for the good of mankind but for selfish reasons. Greg and his other Devil hunter, Edmund Mund, Joey and Fautus go on the road to find the devil. Fautus has special gloves blessed by different religions that can capture the Devil. Joey hope to capture the devil to convince him to return the soul of a dieing friend, Johnny. The group are also looking for a book that will help them with the capture of the Devil. But in the end the greed of one of the group shows it’s ugly face like any good human would do.

Ross May is a freelance witter and has written Tales of the TMNT, horror comics and contributing to The Real Ghostbusters complete series.  Ross does a fine job of writing here moving the story forward and in keeping the reader interested in the story. There a couple of time I was a little lost, especially when Fautus is seen going off into the woods and Greg follows her and she disappears. That incident is not brought up later and just dismissed. But over all not that bad.

The art work of Brett Wood, well it is fine but it seems a little to stiff at times. Also I had a hard time at the running panels that were drawn. The movement just seem to cartoonist. I would of love to see Brett take a different direction with his choice of the Devil instead of the command imaged used. Brett the art work is not that bad but I can not get past the thought of it looking graceless.

Overall the book is fine but not overly impressive. I did not really jump off the pages with anything really compelling that would make me want to continue with the next chapters. I really do not like dishing on book because of the hard work that both the writer and artist do. But at the same time I be doing a disservices to both the creators of the book and myself.

In the end I give Devil Dealers 2 out of 5 pops.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


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