Cosplay Thursday: Julia Damphouse

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to another Cosplay Thursday and this time around I have a interview with a local Cosplayer from Edmonton, Julia Damphouse. I found a local group of Cosplayer on Facebook and joined and asked if any would like to be interviewed for the blog. Julia was the first to responded. Julia started the Edmonton Cosplay page because,

I felt like i had a desire to cosplay more often then the few alberta cons would allow. I wanted a place for us to gather to talk about cosplay and plan gatherings here we can go out and cosplay together (safety in numbers i guess?).”

So tell us a little about yourself.

Oh jeeze that’s a fun question. I am an 18 years old from Edmonton, but I’m currently living in Norway for school. I’ve been cosplaying for a couple years, but making costumes for far longer.

In the per-interview you said that you have been cosplaying since around you were 15or so. What event got you started?

Fun story the first 2 cons I wanted to go to I ended up not attending, (vidcon 2012 and Animethon 2012) but when I finally went to Edmonton Expo 2012 it was the debut of my Dalek. I had an amazing time and met a bunch of people that I am still friends with to this day!

1150200_10151777074058258_1388891477_n You also said that you first Cosplay was a Dalek. I take it you are a Doctor Who fan?

Hell yeah! I love it, I marathroned through all of new-who in October-December 2011

If so who is Your Doctor?

I hate this question, I love them all for different reasons, 9 is so richly characterized and got me hooked on the show from the beginning and 10 is simply fantastically written and acted, however 11 is technically “my doctor” because he was the first I got to watch live on TV with everyone else. On top of all that i also love and have cosplayed 4.

You also said you wore that Dalek cosplay at least 6 times. Plan on more or did you finally put it to rest?

Oh man I love that thing! Each time I wore it I improved something, so it’s pretty elaborate at this point, and im really happy with it at this (i think it’s safe to say) completed stage, so I think I want to wear it at least a few more times.

You presently in school in Norway. How is the cosplaying culture there or is there any?

When I found out I got this scholarship to study in Norway that’s one of the first things I checked! Sadly there isn’t much, just a small con in Bergen in November however i’m told there are some others in nearby Nordic countries. I have met a few people who know what it is, and I read an article a few weeks ago about a Norwegian girl who is an amazing Margaery Tyrell cosplayer!

Do the people you attend school with know of your like of cosplay?

Lots have never heard of it but once i explain what it is they seem to think its cool, they are mostly just curious as to why so many of my Facebook pictures are me dressed as Snow White and Frodo Baggins. One guy was a bit confused though, he asked if my Snow White dress is the national costume of Canada.

Do you follow any of the top cosplayers? Who is your favorite?

Maybe this is cliche but Jessica Nigiri, i met her at Edmonton Expo 2012 and she seemed extremely funny and down to earth. I also like Monica Lee because I tweeted about a dream I had that she was in and she tweeted me back, which was slightly embarrassing for me, but it was pretty cool thing for her to do. I also love Meg Turney.snow white

You started an Edmonton Cosplayers group on Facebook. Why?

Because I love cosplay and have made lots of friends through it and I want to make it easier to organize ourselves and plan gatherings so that we could see each other more often then just at conventions. I created it so  that people in my area could get together and wear our cosplayers and talk about cosplay outside of conventions but the group has also also turned into a place to ask for costuming advice, sell/trade cosplay items and share events where costumed people are needed/welcomed, we are going strong and have almost 350 members.
Do you have any ideas of future cosplay that you want to do? What characters you like to portray?
Right now I’m working on Daenerys Targaryen and a gender bent Frodo Baggins. I have the exact hair of Ramona flowers and i own goggles, so my life is a constant Ramona closet-cosplay and i love it. My ultimate dream cosplay is power-suit Samus Aran.
Is Cosplay just for fun or would you like to do it as a living?
I wouldn’t want it as a living in the “professional cosplayer” way that Jessica Nigiri and Yaya Han have it. I guess have weird relationship with the idea of “cosplay fan pages”, I’m not sure if I’m really against them, but i have no interest in making one. I am however considering studying film and costume design in university, which would be a costume/pop culture related field, so kind of! I also think it would be an interesting experience to be a “booth Babe” at some point.
Finally is there any advice you like to pass on to people thinking of do Cosplay?
Do it! Pick a character you love and you cant go wrong! (but stay away from satin!…. and broadcloth!) Oh and for the love of god give yourself enough time to complete your costume before the con!
I want to thank Julia for doing my interview and wish her all the best with upcoming Con’s and events that she plans to attend. If you want you can follow Julia  on Twitter and Instagram under the name Moistdwelling.

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