Comic Review: Goof #1 #2 and #3

Comic Review: OMP- Goof #1 #2 and #3

goof pic

Old Man Productions Present

Goof: Issues One, Two and Three

Writer: Guy Hasson

Artists: Guillermo Ramirez and Borja Pindado

Reviewed By: J.W. Coughlan

Hey Poppers,

J.W Coughlan here again with yet another post. This week my good buddy John asked me to write a review on some issues of the comic, Goof. What can I say gang? This comic made me smile. Really smile. The issues I had the pleasure of reading made me laugh, and appreciate the work that went into them. What’s it about? Well it’s all there in the title isn’t it? Goof.

Alright I’ll quit being vague, strange and excited to be writing for The Pop Culture Cafe and get down to brass tacks here. Okay, as I have in past blog posts, I am going to throw my nerdery your way in order to try and construct a thought a human life form may be able to interpret as information. What? Just go with it! I’m confused too. Seriously. Imagine, the movie Hancock was redone, but 1994 Jim Carrey was cast instead of Will Smith. And instead of a movie, it was a comic. And they got  Bryan Lee O’Malley (Scott Pilgrim) create it. There it is. That is Goof.

This comic is light-hearted, sweet and entertaining. You know when Doctor Who is a bit cheese? Or Star Trek serves you a little corn. That’s how I feel reading Goof. It’s fun, and nice.

It’s about a regular Joe. And not a regular Joe from a sitcom who’s constantly getting laid, or does fun stuff all the time despite his crappy job. No, I mean an actual average Joe. Your buddy from the comic book store, who’s always spilling mustard on his shirt. Yeah, you know the one. Anyway, it’s about a real down to earth average guy who gets blessed with superpowers. Now, unlike other comics, our one and only Captain Gorgeous, that’s the name he’s forced to go by, he doesn’t train like all our other favourite heroes did. He just kinda wings it. So, despite strength, laser vision, invisibility, flight and being indestructible our purple and yellow hero is constantly getting hit by buses, falling flat on his face and even ending up naked in front of several people.

I read three issues and each left me wanting to read the next. Some of the humour was obvious, yet it was endearing and even though it was a comedy, I was really rooting for the main character.

THE ART!!! Now, I’m no Andy Warhol, But oh man. Awesome! Like Freakazoid, Animaniacs Pinky and The Brain great. The frames, actually made sounds in my brain without classic BAM SMACK POW frames, He threw an alien I heard the woosh, he fell on concrete I heard the crunch did Captain Gorgeous shoot lasers from his eyes? Cause I heard that too. Yes, the comic has a voice over/ Cap Gor thoughts throughout. Sometimes they’re written on scrap pieces of paper which was rad, sometimes they’re more basic. Other things about the art I really loved was the use of shadows, reflections or… let’s call them, anime surprise lines. Does that make sense? Now I am a 90s baby, so I was raised on WB mornings, with a healthy dose of Disney Afternoon, so I really have a soft spot for lanky, over the top, cartoony cartoon style. If you catch my drift. I wanna talk more about the art, but far be it from a Ravenclaw like myself to drag on after a point has been made. Just trust me, the art is like if awesome-sauce and specradular had a baby and got Mario to raise it. If that made things more unclear, I was trying to say the art was FANTASTIC.

Alright, so in conclusion I guess I would say, if you love fun, off-beat, funny entertainment. Like a stand up comedian you don’t shield the kids from I would suggest you READ THIS COMIC. But that being said although this is a comedy, I could see the cheese and corn I touched on earlier turning into a delicious meal that brings you to tears.

I am going to use my powers granted by the King of The Pop Culture Cafe and rate these issues at 4 pops out of 5.


Remember kids comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


J.W. Coughlan

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