Comic Review: Wynter

Wynter  Wynter #1-2

Writer: Guy Hasson

Artist: Aron Elekes

Publisher: New World Comics

Hey Poppers

This interview came out of the blue. The old phone made the sound of a new tweet and it was from New World Comics and asked if I be interested in reviewing their book, Wynter. Hey I am not one to refuse a comic book. So I happy said yes and I am glad I did

The first two books have been out for sometime but I highly recommend that you find the book. The best spot to get it is thru Comixology since this is a digital comic.

Set in the future where man has reach out across the universe like the virus we are. In future everyone is connected to the world thru implants that now can determine your actions and the actions or others. One big happy family where you every move has been done before and can be calculated and can show you the results of those actions. It is big brother big time.

In this world we find 17 yr old Liz Wynter who is wanting to be someone special but in a world were she shares the same DNA as some many other, she is not. Oh yeah the internet/big brother is more than happy to tell her that. The book has the feeling of the Minority Report where one’s action can be predicted before they happen. Liz desperately wants to be different. Liz tries different actions to try make her different but all have been calculated and predicted before. Until she meets up with a friend that as an app that can “borrow” other people and can do various improper things. This leads to them coming across a app called Subversive and this lead to Liz becoming special and is now being hunted by a government assassin.

I did leave a few things out here but I want just to give you a hint of what the book is about and what is to come. This is a fun and exciting book and is well written. Okay it is only 2 books in but at the time of this writing #3 is out or will be out soon and I am sure the writing is still good. I have a feeling that writer Guy Hasson may have considered this a a novel at onetime. Just guessing. This is smart story telling.

The art work by Aron Elekes mixes in well with the story telling. I admit that I am not a fan of this art style but I love it here. The art makes you feel like you are in a futuristic world and have the looking of Blade Runner. A dream state that is real but you think it just someone’s nightmare. Very well done and Aron Elekes art and Guy Hasson story are make for each other.

Wynter-2-CoverSo in the end Poppers I give Wynter #1-2 4 Pops out of 5.

I highly recommend you give this book a try. If you like Sci-Fi with a bit if Minority Report and Blade Runner do not pass on this book.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed


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