Ep 24 Zombie Chow Show Notes

Hey Poppers

So as you can see that the latest episode is up you can find the show notes here. I hope your enjoying the podcast. If you are please rate and review it on iTunes please. Thanks

In Ep. 24 I give out news on DC changing their pay structure. A run down of some of the 40th annual Saturn award winners. X File news. Pacific Rim 2, Doc Savage making a return to the big screen. Doctor Who and the Ministry of Silly Walks. Comic book reviews of Superman #32, Wicked and the Divine, Atomic Robo. So have a listen and listen to me struggle with the English language.

You can find links to the where I got my information for my show below.

Check out this episode!


DC changes it pay structure for it’s creators: The Comic Book Resources.

Moffat talks about the coming cliff hangers: Doctor Who TV

Who was really planned to help Magneto out of prison: The Comic Book Resources

The 40th Annual Saturn Award winners: Saturn Awards

The Batman Exhibit at Warner Brothers: DC Comics

Transformer latest film hit big money over the weekend: Hollywood Reporter

Ministry of Silly Walks the video game: The Nerdist

Pacific Rim 2 is a go. You ready for more: Blastr

David Duchovny says there is always hope for another X Files movie: The Mary Sue

X-Men: DOFP hits big money and the X-Men franchise hits big money as a whole: Hollywood Reporter

Rumor Doc Savage movie coming: Blastr

DC to release a Aquaman animated movie: Cosmic Book News

Is Marvel going to cancel the X-Men: Comic Book Resources


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