Comic Review: GFT- Wonderland #24

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GFT: Wonderland Issue 24

Writer: Eric M Esquivel

Artwork: Jacob Bear

Colours: Leonardo Paciarotti

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Pat Shand

Reviewed By: J.W. Coughlan


Hey Poppers,

I have made my triumphant return! Now, this time I will not be sputtering like a dying motorboat about this nerdlife I have happily fallen into. Today I am reviewing a comic.

We are now living in an age of high quality television programs that last an hour, or longer, and giant graphic novels that will either leave you wondering or tie everything up in a neat bow…ties are cool, sorry couldn’t resist. Yet, week to week or month to month comics, do not have 200 pages to take you on a journey. We have to do this thing, that in 2014 only nerds do, we have to wait. (Sherlock, Star Wars, Batman v Superman, Doctor Who, I’m going to stop or the list of what we are waiting on or it will be my entire post.) Sure, you’ve got Google in your hand 24/7, ensuring you never have to wonder anything about anything, but 75 years in and we still can’t buy the calendar to mark the day we’ll finally see the caped crusader and the man in blue hit the big screen.

Taking that into account, this comic was alright. Knowing there will be many more issues to come, I  didn’t go into reading with huge expectations.

The comic, was….. cool. A fantastical world full of woman warriors trying to live day to day. Pros for me would be as follows. The story moved along smoothly, there was dark humour aspects, and yes, it ends on a cliffhanger. Yet, I wasn’t amazed by it. Not trying to put anything down here, or be Mr Lamesauce, but as we enter an age of strong female characters, it feels like a bit of a step back to have every character with a huge chest breaking out of her already tiny clothes. I mean yes, that looks great and all, but don’t we want to show our daughters they can be strong and independent without objectifying themselves? And I’m not saying every time you show skin you are objectifying yourself, it’s just, if I was out on an adventure, not knowing when or what will attack me, I’d want a layer or two to protect myself.

The art was good, I liked the action sequences and the different use of frames. The lettering was cool too, experimenting with different shapes and shades of word bubbles. The only thing I would have liked to see more of in the art would be bigger facial expressions. Really get the angry or sad wrinkles going, you know the ones I mean. Wolverine, bub, your healing hides you age, but when Marvel draws a good close up of you losing your shit, everything age line you’ve avoided comes out.

I like the idea behind the entire comic, a beautiful alternative reality, that has grown evil, now preying on the sanity of humans. Not to mention the beautiful underdog who has escaped and is now on the run.

I think this comic has a lot of potential, and could move along, really causing you to fangirl/ fanboy it up, but right now, it’s a bit shallow. And you know what, that’s okay, because it’s better to have something to work toward then to just have something fizzle.


Am I ready to run out and grab the next issue, probably not, would I read it, say, at the library, yes.


I’m giving this comic 3 pops out of 5.


Not bad, but I want it to grab the reader a bit more.


Comics are to enjoyed, not destroyed.


J.W. Coughlan

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