Ep 23 Resistance Is Futile

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So in I take about whispers of Netflix maybe trying to get CBS to let them play in the Star Trek Universe. The comic Rat Queens being made into an animated series. Bryan Singer may not be directing the next X-Men movie. DC may have an idea when the next series of films maybe released. Bill Finger getting some credit for Batman on a cover of Detective Comics #27. Cartoon actors reading from the Star Wars IV and a bunch of quicky news and comic review.

Show Notes for Ep 23, Click the links below to direct you to more about the stories I talked about.









Here is the video from May 2012 Emerald City Comic Con with some of your favorite voice actors ready from the Star Wars IV script.

Cosplay Thursday: Luna Lanie

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Well this time I have a interview with a Luna Lanie. I meet Luna thru Twitter. She started following me and in turn I follow back. Once I found out that she was a Cosplayer I though it be nice to highlight her in Cosplay Thursday. So lets get to know this new face to Cosplay.



So could you introduce yourself to the readers.

Hello my name is Luna Lanie I am currently 19 years old and attending GSU for microbiology in Atlanta. I am originally from Los Angeles but have lived all over the U.S.! 

How did you get started?

I got into Cosplaying by my friend telling me about Dragoncon. (A pretty big convention here in Atlanta) She asked if I wanted to be a part of their Disney group this year so I agreed excitedly. 

Have you always wanted to Cosplay?

I’ve always loved dressing up since I could walk. I wore halloween costumes just for fun when I was little and I always wanted to be the characters I played in videogames and watched on t.v. (cardcaptor sakura especially!) I use to doodle cool costume ideas I had in my school notebooks and roleplayed with my sisters. 

What Cosplays do you have planned to do next?

My future characters will be Heartseeker Ashe, Catherine, Battle Bunny Riven, Sailor moon, Daenerys Targaryen and my Runescape character. 

So is Cosplay just for fun or do you have plans to make it a business?

 Cosplay for me is just for fun. I love making costumes, props, and attending conventions. It’s amazing being transported into a different world and seeing so many extraordinary talented people who are interested in the same things as me! I would love to eventually make it a business to support all the expenses it takes to create the costumes but I will always cosplay for the fun experiences and getting the chance to meet awesome new people. 

IMG_1649Do you consider yourself a geek and if so what do you like about being a geek?

Yes I consider myself geeky. I’ve always enjoyed anime, drawing manga, videogames, cool gadgets and comic books. I get super excited for E3’s new releases and new DLC. The best part is finding outlets and other people interested in what I enjoy doing. 

What are you geeking out about now?

I am currently obsessed with League of Legends. I am having dreams about destroying turrets! I’ve been leveling up a new summoner. Also it makes me super excited to work on the cosplay for Ashe and Riven! 

Do you have any Cosplay person that you geek out about and why?

OMG YES. Jessica Nigiri and Monika Lee are tied at my top two. They are both extremely beautiful, badass, and make amazing cosplays! 

IMG_5531  What do your friends and family think about you Cosplay? 

 My family and friends support me 100% they think it’s really cute and is the perfect hobby for me!

So if people what to find you where can they go?

 Easiest way to reach me is my twitter @lunalanieee, and Instagram: OhaiYouDied. 

I want to thank Luna Lanie for doing this interview and I think we will be seeing more of her and her Cosplay in the future.



Comic Review: GFT- Robyn Hood Legend #4

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 7.54.27 PMGFT: Robyn Hood Legend #4

Writer: Pat Shand

Artwork: Larry Watts

Colors: Slamet Mujiono

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Pat Shand

Reviewed by Paul Terry From the BKPlayground.net

We all know who Zenescope are, they publish, among other things, the Grimm Fairy Tales series of comics, Wonderland, Neverland, etc… you know, the ones with the covers showing extremely attractive looking women wearing tight and/or revealing clothes that we can’t help but notice on the shelf each week but daren’t actually buy for fear of being branded pervert.

 Their image is actually a shame for Zenescope because I like their ideas a lot, I’ve read the Wonderland series and I like the dark twist they put on established fiction and fairy tales, a lot of their books look interesting to me as a reader but even I hesitate to buy what looks like a porn parody where the characters wear ludicrously revealing clothing and most of the panels are gratuitous arse or boob shots.
Having said that, to be fair, most of Zenescope’s books aren’t like that, the cover art just gives that impression, and Robyn Hood is thankfully one of their series that focuses more on the character than her assets. This book is the fourth issue of the third volume in the Robyn Hood saga so for those wanting to learn the origin of the character you’ll need to visit volume 1, but essentially Robyn Locksley is confident young woman who finds herself transported to the Zenescope universe, however rather than adopting a whiny damsel in distress attitude she proves to be a no-nonsense and capable hero.
This book continues the story of Robyn and her band of merry men as they fight the Sheriff Of Nottingham, a being of magic and malevolence created by Sir Guy Of Gisbourne, and as you would expect from a penultimate issue in any storyline we have a substantial amount of action with an “oh shit!” cliffhanger at the end.
Pat Shand does a good job of writing characters that are easy to like, dialogue flows well, the story moves along at a decent pace and all this is complemented well by the art of Larry Watts, who deserves credit for the facial expressions drawn onto certain characters at key moments that really help to reinforce the emotion in Shand’s dialogue.
However, and while trying not to spoil any part of the story, I do feel that Watts could have been more ambitious with certain panels where large scale action is called for. The characters involved aren’t particularly animated considering they should be in a life threatening fight and better choreography could have given a critical set piece of the story a WOW factor rather than the more functional sequence we actually have. To be fair though, the sedate action could be how it was written by Shand and I get the impression that everyone involved with this book has the potential to elevate it to something better if they could just polish the book a little harder.
Having said that, Robyn Hood is one of the better Zenescope titles, I’ve read worse stories and seen worse artwork in books published by Marvel and DC so don’t be put off trying it out – it delivers what we’ve come to expect from Zenescope, decent artwork, decent story and although you’ll enjoy reading the book it will be soon forgotten, probably never to be read again, but you’ll probably want to pick up the next issue regardless.
I’ll give Robyn Hood “3 Pops” – Entertains but doesn’t wow.
Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.

Movie Monday: Contre Temps

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Welcome back to another Movie Monday.

Today’s featured short is Contre Temps. Directed by a handful of talented people, Jérémi Boutelet, Thibaud Clergue, Gaël Megherbi, Tristan Ménard, Camille Perrin and Lucas Veber. Contre Temps tells the tale of a man in a long submerge city that spends him time, collecting time. He spends his days traveling the city to collect various time pieces. On one of his outings he comes across a child and must decide to save the child from coming peril of to keep his collected time pieces.

It was published on YouTube on Aug 12, 2013.

Take a few and enjoy.



Zenescope Previews: GFT REALM WAR #1

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Well I am please again to offer you a sneak peak of the coming Realm War coming form Zenescope in July.

“This is a series that fans can’t afford to miss. Not only is it the culmination of the Age of Darkness storyline, but the fate of all the characters in the Grimm Universe is at stake and no one is safe. There will be a lot of twists and turns before the end and not everyone is going to survive the series. It’s going to be an exciting and surprising ride.”
– Joe Brusha, writer and co-creator
“Realm War is a must read for fans who’ve been enjoying all of the Age of Darkness releases. Grimm 100 ends on such a great cliffhanger, you’ll definitely want to know where it goes from there and how the Age of Darkness story will end!”
– Ralph Tedesco, co-creator
Realm War #1 is available for pre-order at your local comic book retailer now!

Cosplay Thursday: Alexia Jean Grey

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Welcome back to another Cosplay Thursday. This time around I have a Alexia Jean Grey.  Alexia hails from Boca Raton, Florida and as well as a cosplayer she also does work in body paint. I have to say I know very little of her but she does some great work. I hope you enjoy her stuff.

You can find out more about Alexia Jean Grey at http://www.alexiajeangrey.com