SERENITY: LEAVES ON THE WIND #1 Review: A Shiny New Adventure

Another Castle

Source: 13thDimension Source: 13thDimension

After taking on the Alliance and exposing the “verse to the truth,” we find our outlaw heroes trying their best to survive. Mal and crew are about to embark on a mission more dangerous then they could have imagined, all while trying to grieve. Unfortunately for our heroes, the crew will face even more tribulations still in the new series from Zack Whedon and Dark Horse Comics, Serenity.


9 months after the conclusion of 2005’s major motion picture Serenity, Mal and the remainder of the crew try to build a life without Wash. The Alliance is struggling to keep their control while new rebel groups have started to rise up in the aftermath. Still trying to fight the pain of loss, the crew of Serenity will need to find a way to push on if they are going to be able to survive in this new world.

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