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Hello Zuko here….. Poppers,

So, here it is. The day has come. I am making a blog post. I may or may not ramble, lose my train of thought, or even fall asleep on my keyboard.

So here’s the dealio. My good buddy John, asked my humble self to write some posts and I’m super excited to be on. A little insight on myself would go something like, I am a nerd. I run in nerd circles. I am known for starting nerd fights in the lunch room at work. IE: Batman could beat Superman in a fight. They are called zombies in TWD comic. And it’s Aragorn not Aragon.

I wrote a decent novella and some people bought it. But if I needed to some it up I would say read my Twitter. My bio is as follows:

Khansulting Rebel Scum from Team Avatar living off Lembas Bread from The Seam if JLA or SHEILD find out I’m Divergent they’ll kick me out of Ravenclaw.

Oh man, you can really talk on these gosh darn blog things. I am not limited to 140 characters here. Nice.

K, I’m gonna review something. Oh, the meme font is IMPACT. It popped into my head I had to get it out, that’s what she said?

That’s what she said?

Anyway, my twitter is @MindWeird so yeeeah.

K, a review what are we thinking here, X Men DOFP, are people calling it DOFP yet?. Maybe we should talk Game of Thrones. No. Arrow. Oh man, let’s talk some Arrow.

First off, as an intellectual entertainment connoisseur I can tell you that Arrow, is friggin’ sweet. Okay, what do we as nerds look for in a show. Background! Comic? Book Series? Cartoon? Whatever it is, for a show or a movie, we, as cultured and sophisticated beings, need something with a cult following, history and depth. Arrow is obviously based on the DC comic, Green Arrow. A kick ass, rich ass, bad ass archer named Oliver.

Yes please. I would consider this show the closest thing to a “Chris Nolan level of quality” show. It is similar to TDK trilogy in the dark aspects. Stephen Amell, Caity Lotz and the rest of the gang bring a whole new level of awesome to television. This show is packed full of action, including, great fight scenes, car chases, explosions, gunfire and of course plenty of arrows. Action is great and a must for exciting television, but it has so much more than that. The acting is second to none. The characters lead double lives, scream, cry, wear pain on their faces, and try to get a laugh in. The actors are able to portray this with ease. The story line is great too. One episode and you’ll be hooked. It’s full of twists, evil in good, good in evil, flashbacks and tons of sex. Now throw that into a sundae bowl, top it with crazy costuming and epic music scores and that ladies and gentlemen is your Wednesday night dessert.

A Sundae on a Wednesday? SURE!

Now, even if you aren’t a huge Green Arrow fan, that’s okay. The show has tons of other DC characters along the way. Sometimes, you need to rewind, because an easter egg can go by in a Flash. (see what I did there?) If you still need reason to watch, yes, everyone in this show freakin’ gorgeous.

If you don’t watch the show, but are interested, I would burn through it this summer. It’s the perfect time. We’re sitting in the waiting room for GoT, Doctor Who and Sherlock (grumble grumble Moffat).

But Seriously….

But more than that, Mr Allen’s spin off from his two episode deal will be hitting screens at 702 miles an hour soon, and I can guarantee there will be crossover episodes. Plus, you never know when one…. or both, of the big guys may drop into the show. And you wouldn’t wanna miss the man in blue, or the caped crusader.

My only concern with starting this amazing show would be, you and your friends, fanboys and fangirls alike, will get in fights. But what else is new? The fight will most likely last months, even years. And it will be about one thing, who is the hottest. Sara, Laurel, Felicity? It’s Sara btw, just to save you some time.

damn girl 😉

Side note, if Batman’s Dad made Bruce’s middle name his own name. Batman’s initials would be B.T.W. And fanboys, you will catch your fangirl youtubing Ollie’s workout scenes. And you know what? That’s okay. If any TFIOS fans read this blog, it’s okay you burst into tears every time you read the word okay, okay?

In all seriousness, why so serious, because I’m talkin’ DC comics to screen here. Watch the show, you won’t regret it. This is just a small glimpse at what is Arrow. The show, like most things in nerd culture, is an adventure. And this adventure is just getting going, I mean if Bilbo could catch up to the dwarves for an adventure you can catch up to us Arrowheads, I think that’s what we are??

Well thanks for reading. Until next time_________________ <——– you can make up a sweet sign off for me *wink*

J.W. Coughlan

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