Cosplay Thursday: Luna Lanie

Hey Poppers

Well this time I have a interview with a Luna Lanie. I meet Luna thru Twitter. She started following me and in turn I follow back. Once I found out that she was a Cosplayer I though it be nice to highlight her in Cosplay Thursday. So lets get to know this new face to Cosplay.



So could you introduce yourself to the readers.

Hello my name is Luna Lanie I am currently 19 years old and attending GSU for microbiology in Atlanta. I am originally from Los Angeles but have lived all over the U.S.! 

How did you get started?

I got into Cosplaying by my friend telling me about Dragoncon. (A pretty big convention here in Atlanta) She asked if I wanted to be a part of their Disney group this year so I agreed excitedly. 

Have you always wanted to Cosplay?

I’ve always loved dressing up since I could walk. I wore halloween costumes just for fun when I was little and I always wanted to be the characters I played in videogames and watched on t.v. (cardcaptor sakura especially!) I use to doodle cool costume ideas I had in my school notebooks and roleplayed with my sisters. 

What Cosplays do you have planned to do next?

My future characters will be Heartseeker Ashe, Catherine, Battle Bunny Riven, Sailor moon, Daenerys Targaryen and my Runescape character. 

So is Cosplay just for fun or do you have plans to make it a business?

 Cosplay for me is just for fun. I love making costumes, props, and attending conventions. It’s amazing being transported into a different world and seeing so many extraordinary talented people who are interested in the same things as me! I would love to eventually make it a business to support all the expenses it takes to create the costumes but I will always cosplay for the fun experiences and getting the chance to meet awesome new people. 

IMG_1649Do you consider yourself a geek and if so what do you like about being a geek?

Yes I consider myself geeky. I’ve always enjoyed anime, drawing manga, videogames, cool gadgets and comic books. I get super excited for E3’s new releases and new DLC. The best part is finding outlets and other people interested in what I enjoy doing. 

What are you geeking out about now?

I am currently obsessed with League of Legends. I am having dreams about destroying turrets! I’ve been leveling up a new summoner. Also it makes me super excited to work on the cosplay for Ashe and Riven! 

Do you have any Cosplay person that you geek out about and why?

OMG YES. Jessica Nigiri and Monika Lee are tied at my top two. They are both extremely beautiful, badass, and make amazing cosplays! 

IMG_5531  What do your friends and family think about you Cosplay? 

 My family and friends support me 100% they think it’s really cute and is the perfect hobby for me!

So if people what to find you where can they go?

 Easiest way to reach me is my twitter @lunalanieee, and Instagram: OhaiYouDied. 

I want to thank Luna Lanie for doing this interview and I think we will be seeing more of her and her Cosplay in the future.




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