Movie Monday: Mis-Drop

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Well once again it is Movie Monday and I have a very interesting short film for you.


This short Indie Sci-Fi films was directed by Ferand Peek and this is one fine crafted film. The film takes place 300 years in the future as we watch the account of what has happens to a mercenary in the initial stages of a colonial invasion. The events are record on the mercenary’s video recorder.Most of the film is a single shot on the actors face and the reaction to the events happening to him as he is preparing for the mission. The movie was shot in New Zealand. You can find out more about this short film at

So I highly recommend you sit down and watch this amazing piece of film.

Captain Canuck Canada Day Special arrives this holiday weekend


ccPress Release

In celebration of the great nation of Canada, Captain Canuck Incorporated is releasing the 1st Annual Captain Canuck Canada Day Edition.

WHEN & WHERE : From June 28- July 1st, 2014, the Canada Day edition will be distributed free through comic book stores, public libraries, convenience stores and shopping malls across Canada. After July 1st, it will be sold at comic book shops across Canada for $2.99.

WHAT : This beautifully bound, 64 page Canada Day Annual will be packed with features, including:


The original team of Richard Comely, George Freeman and Claude St. Aubin have collaborated with new Canuck talent- Kalman Andrasofszky, Paul Gardner and Dean Henry to offer two unique Captain Canuck stories.


Listed by province, this directory promises to be the most up to date…

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SERENITY: LEAVES ON THE WIND #1 Review: A Shiny New Adventure

Another Castle

Source: 13thDimension Source: 13thDimension

After taking on the Alliance and exposing the “verse to the truth,” we find our outlaw heroes trying their best to survive. Mal and crew are about to embark on a mission more dangerous then they could have imagined, all while trying to grieve. Unfortunately for our heroes, the crew will face even more tribulations still in the new series from Zack Whedon and Dark Horse Comics, Serenity.


9 months after the conclusion of 2005’s major motion picture Serenity, Mal and the remainder of the crew try to build a life without Wash. The Alliance is struggling to keep their control while new rebel groups have started to rise up in the aftermath. Still trying to fight the pain of loss, the crew of Serenity will need to find a way to push on if they are going to be able to survive in this new world.

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Movie Monday: Lego Arrow and Black Canary Vs Deathstroke

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Welcome back to another movie Monday and this time around I have a fan made Lego movie done by. Arrow and Black Canary vs Deathstroke was made by Paul Sayer from England.  This is a entertaining little short. Is the quality high, no but you have to give the man credit for having the balls to make this short. Paul did tell me that he plans on doing more so hopefully I will be able to highlight his work here.

So just sit back and enjoy this fan made Lego short film

Source: YouTube