Movie Monday: Azureus Rising

AZR_Marketing_MoviePoster_A_v07  Welcome back Poppers to another Movie Monday.

Today’s short film is Azureus Rising from Black Sun Entertainment. Directed, written and produced by David Weinstein.

A smart and highly intelligent freedom fighter breaks into the military base station where some evil computers controls military drones – leaving everything that crosses his part in a state of “Say Hi To The Afterlife” – as he breaks in to destroy the enemy from the inside. Written by Victor Dammie .::

I have to say that I had no idea what was going on in this short. You may wonder if that is a bad thing? Well depends if you are trying to analyze the short or just sit back and watch. Me, I just wanted to watch it. This is a amazing piece of CGI work and beautifully stunning. If you are a fan of any type of anime or manga animation you can see that David Weinstein is. The flowing blue mane of the character, Azureus has influences of the Japanese art form all over it. My only problem with the short is the stylized posing of Azureus when he/she is done fighting or landing from his/she leaping about. But really that is nothing.

So take a moment and have a look. I think you will enjoy this short.


Source: IMDB, YouTube


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