Comic Review: Oh Hell Chapter 1


Publisher: Oh, Hell Comics

Writer: George Wassil

Layouts, Pencils, Inks: Dave Hamann

Color Art: Michael Birkhofer

Lettering: Troy Peteri

Your parents have had it with you. Where do you go where you have no where else to go. Well they send you off to boarding school and that school is in Hell and there you you don’t want to fail.

Our story revolves around Zoel and she hates the world. As George Wassil told me in a interview for my podcast. When your life starts out as a dumpster baby life your pissed about life in general. Zoel adoptive parents have had it with Zoel and decide to send her off to a boarding school. A school that I believe that parents have not idea about is actually in Hell. Yeah that is right the big burning inferno below and you don’t want to fail at this school.

The action gets rolling right from the start and only slows down for only a few panels in the book. Of course you can not go to any school and have bullies and finding a new rival. Zoel rival is Alesse, a spoiled popular rich girl that has gotten everything she wants and expects to get no matte what. Zoel and Alesse have a instant hate on for it other and waste little time showing it. The other two main characters are Zipper with a seedy past and Carl the kid that looks out of place. At this academy discipline is expected and demanded and not following the rules you are gently remind, okay not gently. If a gas fog that makes your skin burn and cough up blood is gentle, then yeah. Gentle

I love this book and dam glad I picked it up. The story by George Wassil is very well done and has the feel of someone very comfortable in writing for this medium. This is a story of a girl that wants to be loved but because of the live she has been raise hides it behind anger and a tough exterior. The character dialogue is easy and simple to read. Now you may think that is a shot at the writing but it is not. It is very refreshing and a joy to read. You do not have to figure out what is going on with a bunch of unnecessary dialogue. Right from the start I felt sorry for Zoel and you can see the sadness in the writing and dialogue.

The art by Dave Hamann is great and he can really bring out the emotions of the characters. In one simple panel where Zoel and Zipper discuss the markings on his arm you can see that Zoel and Zipper have a connection. Their is a understanding that you can actually see in their faces and eyes. Well done Sir. I can not really pin point the style of Dave Hamann art but it does have the feel of a lot of the newer generation of artists out there today.

Oh, Hell is presently on Kickstarter and they are looking to raise money to help self-publish and distribute a soft cover edition of Oh, Hell Volume 1 so click the link and take a look. Drop some cash if you can.

One last thing. I have to check this out to see if George has had any thought of calling Image. This is one book that should have a shot at a larger audience and I think Image is the company to do that.  Image has been having great success at helping independent writers and creators with there work. So Image take a look at this book and give a run, even a short one.

So in the end I give Oh, Hell 4 1/2 pops out of 5.

Is this a perfect book. No simple because perfection is hard to reach. But is one very well done book.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed not destroyed.