Movie Monday: E.M.M.A.

Hey Poppers

Welcome back to Movie Monday.  Last Monday I was down in Calgary at the Calgary Expo so I miss putting one up. But I am back at it again and hopefully bringing you another great short film.

Today’s film a 2013 Big Apple Film Festival Official Selection is entitled E.M.M.A. Directed By Stephen Herman and starring Nicholas Wilder, Charlie Gillette, Kristen Mae Carbone.

Two scientist set about to cross exam a robot to test her memory only she can not remember the day before but despite being able to remember whole cyclopedias. Something is not right here and after E.M.M.A. asked that once the test if over can they go riding horses again. The female scientist, played by Kristen Carbone as Carol comes to realize that those are false memories downloaded by John. John is played by Nicholas Wilder and I have to say he looks familiar to me but I can not place him.  Now the things start to get interesting as E.M.M.A. escapes and Carol sets about deactivate E.M.M.A. but by doing that all the robots in the facility will also be deactivated. Charlie Gillette as E.M.M.A. does a fine job playing the robot but her real moment is at the beach with John.Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 6.48.34 PM

E.M.M.A has a feel of the old Twilight Zone and could of been a episode from the series. Tighten up a little and shot on film in black and white this would give it a look and feel of that series.

So Poppers take a few minutes and check out this fine short and show it some love.

Source: YouTube




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