Gotham: Offical Extanded Trailer

Well Poppers if you have not see or heard it in the air that the first official trailer for the new show on Fox, Gotham was released today. Also there has been a longer version of the trailer released and it give you a little more of the look of the people and tone of this upcoming series.

If you do not know the origins of the Dark Knight then don’t even bother going any further here.

Okay you still there? If so then Gotham takes a different spin in that fact that we follow the young Bruce Wayne from the events of the death of his parents forward. Unlike most adaptions this will not move forward to the adult Bruce Wayne but follow him in his childhood. The story will also give us more insight into James Gordon as new detective in Gotham.  Some familiar characters will be along for the ride, The Penguin, Catwoman as a young girl and also Poison Ivy as a child also. The trailer does look interesting. My only problem is that it is on Fox and Fox is not a patient company. The show is from executive producer/writer Bruno Heller (“The Mentalist,” “Rome”).

Source: Fox YouTube.


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