Movie Monday: A Darwinian Future

Once a gain I bring you another Movie Monday short feature.

Today’s feature short is from Raghav91. A Darwinian Future is a short set in the future of 2018 when machines a now running the show and we are under continence surveillance from not the government but from the machines that we have slowly and willing put our trust in. In a time when we are becoming more and more part of our smartphones and them becoming a extension of us. We willing allow our self’s to be taken over and not even notice until it is to late.  The special effects of the robot cops are simple to most effects done now a days but they are not the story here. It is man allowing it’s self to become slaves to tech that is the real treat here.

So please have a watch and enjoy.

Technology evolves like any organism. We’ve witnessed this in the field of telecom. In 2014, there were 4.55 billion mobile users worldwide, 50% of which were Smartphone users. Being the dominant species, Smartphones had taken over our lives by 2018. It seemed as if the future was exponentially progressing and too fast for most of us to keep up with. The innovative ‘Project Glass’ promised many different exciting advancements. Some were well received by the world, while others bordered on privacy violations. They had to pull out of the market eventually. The next stage in the evolution of telecommunication seemed logical. But with the advent of the ‘Machines’, it became our greatest weakness

For more info on other films go to Raghav91 at their YouTube page.


2 thoughts on “Movie Monday: A Darwinian Future”

  1. I enjoy your regular posts and news updates. You set quite a pace for yourself that I think a lot of bloggers could strive to emulate. Keep up the good work!

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