The Field

field_1Publisher: Image Comics

Writer and Letterer: Ed Brisson

Art by: Simon Roy

Colorist: Simon Gough

You wake up in the middle of a field in your underwear. You have no idea where you are and your only connection to outside world is a cell phone. That phone you have is sending you mysterious texts warning you of dangers to come. Dangers like a crazy bible sales man telling you to get into his car, getting high on cocaine and killing people in a diner. Fun times.

The Field is a 4 part series from Ed Brisson and Simon Ray and part 1 is a “what the hell is going on” start to a what looks like a entertaining book. Our hero has no idea who he is and want the hell is going on. Told not to get into a car from a text from a cell phone. Of course once the car shows up and the driver holds to him, our hero gets in. In book one we get to meet Christian a ex bible sales man and you can tell right from the start that Christian is not all there. Christian is unstable enough to kill about of people in diner for no real reason. Also this is not the first time he has done it.

Ed Brisson has created a very interesting book here. The more you read the book you become more interested in who the main character is. As done in many other stories with the main character has amnesia it is the characters around him to fill in the rest of the story.

Field-Classic-Rock-ChristianSimon Roy has a very interesting still that has a feel of underground art. It looks like a bunch of pencil scratches brought together by color and ink. It is a different look but works well.

Again Image has brought us a short story arc that with the chance of a continuing series if the book sells well.

So in the end I recommend that you go out and take a chance on this book.

I give this book 3 1/2 pops out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.



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