Movie Monday: Stealing Time

Hey Poppers

Sorry for being a little late for getting out Movie Monday but you know that thing called life gets in the way.

Today’s short film is Stealing Time. The film was uploaded to YouTube June 30, 2011 from finitefilms.

I did like this short film. I like how the film concentrated on the characters and dialogue rather then spending time on fancy looking or relativistic props and effects. If you are picky then try and not to notice the used stereo equipment, plastic outside tool box and other house hold items used. Directed by Alex Calleros, Written by Michael Tucker and Alex Calleros. Starring Mikie Beatty and Dan Beckner. Mikie Beatty and Dan Beckner do a great job and there acting really helps make the film enjoyable.

So take some time and show this film some love and have a watch.

When a down-on-his-luck inventor builds a time machine to change the past, he unwittingly sets off a disastrous chain of events.

This short film was made based on the following constraints:
• Cannot take place entirely in one location.
• Someone must say the words “time travel.”
• Two characters must have a long-standing rivalry.
• When one character was a kid, he/she used to wish he/she could travel back in time to see real-life dinosaurs.
• One character is a wine lover and is very picky/elitist about their wine.
• One character prefers bubble baths to showers.
• Someone has to say: “I have to go back.”

Source: YouTube



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