Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014

Hey Poppers

Well another year has come and gone and this years Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2014 was bigger, longer and packed with more media guest from TV and film. More artist, writers, creators from some of your favorite comics, web series and authors. Also a large group of independent comic book creators and artist. The venue also keeps expanding with a large tented area to hold more panels and events. Also there is a good chance you have to battle some weather conditions. This year a small snow storm. Hey that is spring in Alberta.  I spent the weekend walking the floor, seeing panels and talking to comic creators. Each year the amount of cosplayers continue to grow both with the amount of people coming out dressed up and creating amazing costumes. IMG_0801In the coming weeks I will be posting some the great work created by some really artistic people. Every aspect of the pop culture was represented at the show. Not only were your regular cosplayer making the rounds. Young and old came out to show their love for everything that revolves around the geek culture. IMG_0797Attending this year was three of the top cosplayer out there today. Lindsay Elyse, Monika Lee, Jessica Nigri. I got my picture with Monika Lee and I have to say is pleasant, fun and made everyone that came to see her feel very comfortable.

Among the media attending were Sean Astin(Lord of the Rings, Goonies, TMNT), Michael Beihn(Terminator, 24, The Rock), Bruce Campbell(Evil Dead, Burn Notice), Bill Paxton(Aliens, Agents of Shield, Big Love), Sigourney Weaver(Alien, Aliens, Avatar), Matt Smith(Doctor Who,Clone) and Karen Gillan(Doctor Who,Oculus,Guardians of the Galaxy. So many more to list but to find out more head over to my podcast, The Pop Culture Cafe’s Podcast.

From the world of comics J. Scott Campbell, Nick Bradshaw, Terry Dodson, Keven Eastman, Ray Fawkes, Mark McKenna. Again the show had many of the top name in comics both artists and writers. I had the pleasure of talking to Pat Shand from Zenescope Comics about the world of Grimm Fairy Tales and creating strong female leads. I had a great conversation with George Wassil about Oh Hell. George was excited about the world he help created and I am happy to help him spread the word. Go by and check out Kickstarter and help out if you love independent creators. Oh-Hell-1_CI had a small chat with Nick Bradshaw and what do two Canadian boys talk about first, not comics but the amount of snow each side of the country gets the most. Eh!

The Calgary Expo once again put on another great show. This is my 3rd year I have gone and the show gets bigger and better. Better organize and each day you can see how the people in charge make changes to make it run smoother. The volunteers deserve a great deal of thanks. These people spend long days making it pleasurable for us all. I did unfortunately see one poor girl getting harassed at our wait to get into the Doctor Who panel. I finally had to go over and tell the guy to leave her alone and if he wanted to complain go to the higher ups. That incident pissed me off. But overall the general public were great.

So much to see and do. That is the catch at such a big con, so much to see and no time to see it all. In my option that makes a great con. I took in the Greg Rucka panel that was such a great experience on writing not just for comics but anything at all. The Doctor Who panel was the high light of the whole con for me and the Corral was packed with some many coming to see their Doctor.

Finally two things that really made this years Calgary Expo really stand out. The first was talking to a guy from Calgary, I am from Edmonton and the two cities have a great and long rivalry. But for use it was just two guys that love the world of comics. The memories of our youth and the memories that were created because of that medium. The days of the old musky smell of the books. The simple joy of those books long ago and the chance to share that joy with someone like yourself, no matter where they come form.

The last and most important for me. I found a book that help create my love of comic books, Sci-Fi, and the world of fantasy. When I was a young fellow the book that I read again and again. That sparked my imagination, my love of art and my youthful dreams of living among the stars, Star-Lord by John Byrne, Terry Austin and Chris Claremont. I almost passed by this book. But I had to have it in what ever condition. I asked the seller if I could open it and take a look and he agreed. Opening the first page brought me back to happier times and smell of those old pages made my problems of my world disappear. Once again it was me and Star-Lord flying around the universe. Seeing that book again help me capture a very special and happier time for me.

So, Calgary Expo. Thank you. You help this old man feel like a young kid again.

Great show.


Calgary Expo

 So I am back for a short show. Sorry for not being around but life happens. I am heading down to the Calgary Expo 24,25,26,27 and I hopefully will be able to chat with some to the creators down there and if not I will be interview some to the other people attending and panel held by some to the smaller groups. I give a run down of the stars, creators that will be attending this year show. I do quick review of The Field and What If: Age of Ultron.

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Movie Monday: A Darwinian Future

Once a gain I bring you another Movie Monday short feature.

Today’s feature short is from Raghav91. A Darwinian Future is a short set in the future of 2018 when machines a now running the show and we are under continence surveillance from not the government but from the machines that we have slowly and willing put our trust in. In a time when we are becoming more and more part of our smartphones and them becoming a extension of us. We willing allow our self’s to be taken over and not even notice until it is to late.  The special effects of the robot cops are simple to most effects done now a days but they are not the story here. It is man allowing it’s self to become slaves to tech that is the real treat here.

So please have a watch and enjoy.

Technology evolves like any organism. We’ve witnessed this in the field of telecom. In 2014, there were 4.55 billion mobile users worldwide, 50% of which were Smartphone users. Being the dominant species, Smartphones had taken over our lives by 2018. It seemed as if the future was exponentially progressing and too fast for most of us to keep up with. The innovative ‘Project Glass’ promised many different exciting advancements. Some were well received by the world, while others bordered on privacy violations. They had to pull out of the market eventually. The next stage in the evolution of telecommunication seemed logical. But with the advent of the ‘Machines’, it became our greatest weakness

For more info on other films go to Raghav91 at their YouTube page.

Cosplay Thursday

Hey Poppers welc0me back to another Cosplay Thursday and continuing with the theme of some of the top Cosplayer out there in the Pop Culture world.

Today’s Cosplayer is Katie G from Atlanta and has been involved cosplaying for about 10 years. Katie has created 80 costume creations over those 10 years. She holds a BFA from Auburn University in Costume and Makeup Design and has won major cosplay awards at conventions all over the United States. You can found out more about Katie at her Facebook page.

TPCC Presents: Supernatural S1 Ep1

 Hey all. So since I do not have the cash to spend on a different podcast I have decided to do off shots of my main podcasts. So this is the first one. It one that is not a Pop Culture Cafe podcasts will begin with TPCC Presents then followed by what I am presenting this podcasts.

So this first one is my daughter and I talking about a show that we love, Supernatural. I hope that we will be able to carry on with this but with my daughter being an 18yr old girl that may change. So I hope this first one. I did. Nice time for me and my daughter.


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