Movie Monday: Shifter

Hello Poppers and once again it is another Movie Monday.

Today’s feature is a short from Hallivis Brothers.

Synopsis- Los Angeles – 2023. James Striker is on the verge of bringing down the oppressive government that has crushed all freedom in the United States. But before he can take them on, Striker must get past a homicidal drone and an elite squad of EFT soldiers. His only advantage is the SHIFT, a process that allows Striker to transfer his mind into an identical clone body. New body, Same mission: Bring the whole system down.

The short film does have some good effects and the acting of fine. I have to state that I was not sure of what was happening. I have seen the idea of downloading a person consciousnesses into a clone to continue a mission before so that was not surprise. But I don’t say take the time to watch this short. You may find that you may like it more than me.

Source: YouTube