Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Like many of you I have Netflix and sometime I flip thru all the movies and TV shows to see if I can find anything that may strike my fancy. Hey sometimes you just to have to be in the mood. Well the mood to watch Green Lantern:The Animated Series just happen to fit the bill one day. I had caught some of the episodes on TV here and there but I just did not search it out. The episodes I did see I enjoyed. So now I was able to watch the whole series in on sitting or so.

I am so glad I did.

Green-Lantern-The-Animated-Series2 A first I thought I would just watch a couple to get me by until something else come on the old idiot box. Well I found myself getting caught up more and more with the show. This series is not a just for the young but for all of us. There are so many different threads running through this series. Hatred, Fear, Greed, Love, Loss, Friendship, Trust, Revenge.  All of these and more is a well crafted story.

The series centers around Hal Jordan, voiced by Josh Keaton. Kilowog voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. Aya, voiced by Grey DeLisle and finally Razer, voiced by Jason Spisak. Razer is a Red Lantern that joins with the Green Lanterns after he capture but starts to question Atrocitus.

The body of the series is broken down into two main arcs. The first dealing with the discovery of a group of Red Lanterns lead by Atrocitus. Atrocitus is vent on the destruction of the Guardians and the Green Lanterns. The Guardians created a army of robots, Manhunters to be the police force before the creation of the Green Lanterns. The Manhunters did have a flaw, believing that emotion was reason for crime all beings with emotions must be evil. That lead to them wiping out a entire sector of space before the Guardians stopped them. Unfortunately this created the Red Lanterns who were set on revenge. Green-Lantern-Animated-Atrocitus-2_1316522923The Red Lanterns are finally defeated with the help of the first Blue Lanterns, Saint Walker and Brother Warth.

The second arc begins with the appearance of the Anti-Matter that is set out to consume the Universe. The Anti-Matter was created by Scar, a  renegade Guardian. After its creation the Anti-Matter went rogue and was finally sent to another dimension where it consumed it. The Anti-Matter finally found its way back to his own dimension and awoke the Manhunters. The Anti-Matter was finally defeated with the help of Aya.

Aya is the A.I. for the ship the Green Lanterns use to travel across the Universe. Aya and Razer relationship is what you could call the B story of the series.  Aya was created from a fragment of the entity inside the Green Lantern’s central battery. Razer is confused by his feeling for Aya at one time telling her that he loves her but later telling her that he does not. This cause Aya shut done her emotions and by doing that she defeats the Anti-Matter. There is more to this arc but I want to leave some of it for you to find out on your own. I must be a bit of a softy because this story of love between these opposites keep me coming back to watch these excellent series as much as the main story arcs. Razer_and_Aya_Green_Lantern_The_Animated_Series

Aya feelings for Razer returns when she injuries Razer. Only the Manhunters are still a threat and Aya sacrifices herself by releasing a virus that destroys the Manhunters but also herself.

I could tell you more and more about the fantastic series but I highly recommend that you spend the time to sit down and watch it. After watching this series I was looking forward to seeing the second series but I have since found out that it has been cancelled. I have to say I was pissed off. It would be nice if DC would at least have a movie to conclude the series.

So again I have to say find this series and watch it. After watching this series my interest in the Green Lantern has peak. I have had a interest in reading some Green Lantern books for some time and I think I will now.

So I give Green Lantern: The Animated Series a 5 pops out of 5.



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