Hollywood Reboots Or How Lazy Is Hollywood

So here I am trying to figure out what to write about for my next entry into Blog-A-Palooza. If you have read any of my earlier posts you know that I usually write about comic books. I don’t know about yourself fine reader but that can get boring.

So what? Ummmm?

Well I can pick a subject that kind of pisses me off and that will help get things flowing. Okay that sounds good.

Okay, I got one, reboots.

Yeah Reboots

I don’t know about you but I find all the reboots that have come out and that will be coming out (and yes I am sure there will be more) just Hollywood being lazy. Well I think basically Hollywood has just become a bunch of tired old fucks who are not willing to take a chance on something new. I mean a real chance at something new and different. How many reboots have been made by the fat bastards in Hollywood? One source, Den of Geek reported back in July 2013 that 57 were in development. 57? Now am I going to list them all, hell no. To much work. But I am sure you get the picture. How many more does the land of make believe have plan?

A fuck load.

Most of the major studios now want sure fire hit. The cost of making movies just keep getting bigger and bigger each year. The studios that green light movies want to make sure they get their doe back. Yes I know they are aloud to make their money back and a profit. So what is a good way of getting back their money? Take a film, franchise that has a movie audience built right in or yet another sequel. Okay, okay I like sequels but three is a good number and more then that your pushing it.

Just tweak that old idea.

Fancy CGI effects. Younger, good looking stars. Make it fast pace for the young generation raise on sound bites and quick video game action, short attention spans. Turn up the violence cause hey these young kids love the violence. Update the story to make it relevant today. Don’t confuse people with a good story that makes the audience think a little. Oh yeah tits, throw in some tits. Love them tits. Also if we can tie in a toy line into that also then we would have a hit.

Okay I am bitching here but I am the one writing this. I just find it lazy to reboot an old idea. The real producers of strong and creative films are the low small budget movies. This small films or if you like independent films are more willing to make something new or close to original because they don’t have a fat ass Hollywood producer hanging over their back.


Recently I watched a trailer for a movie called, Afflicted. If you take the time to go and take a look at the trailer you will seem something different. Oh course you can see elements of different movies but it is not the usually fare you see coming out of Hollywood. If you take a look around there are some really distinctive, diverse pieces out there. Hell if I had the money to start my own studio I would do nothing but small budget movies with creative people.

I know I don’t have a shit load of facts to please some readers but I just saying. Hollywood, the heavy hitters are just like any capitalists out their. How much money can I make before I die so I not like the rest of the poor people out there.

Then again.

I don’t know shit.

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John G M Burke


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