Ms. Marvel: Review

MSMARVEL001Ms Marvel #1

Published by: Marvel Comics

Writer: G. Willow Wilson

Artist: Adrian Alphona

Colorist: Ian Herring

Lettering: VC’S Joe Caramagna

Kamala Khan is a normal girl from Jersey City. She comes from loving home. Kamala wants want every 16 year old teenager girls wants, friends and acceptance from her peers. Kamala if everything a young Muslim woman wants to be in America. Well almost.

Marvel has brought us the story of a young girl of Muslim faith living in a world that is tough enough for a normal girl.  Well normal according to Kamala. A young woman not sure of where she stands? Is she Muslim or America and conflicted with trying to live in both cultures. Kamala is second generation Muslim American born and raised in Jersey City.  Kamala decides that one night she is going to be a normal girl and sneaks out to go to a party. I think kids of any race, religion, creed all do the same thing. They all believe they know better what is right and their parents do not. Normal, right?

ms_marvel_1_preview_3While walking home Kamala is surrounded by a blue fog that has appeared out of no where. Hopefully that will be answered later on and not left open. Waken by a beam of light Kamala finds Captain Marvel, Iron Man and Captain America floating in front of her like something out of a Bollywood movie. Kamala is asked what “who do you want to be”? and in her mind she wants to be a normal, like Captain Marvel. Normal being a tall, white, blond heroine that kicks butt.

So being told that she is going to get a reboot and warned that it will not turn out the way she thinks Kamala awakens from a cocoon, a tall, white, blond Ms Marvel.

So in issue #1 we a given of a very simple story. Be happy with what and who you are. Because sometime the thing you wish for is the worse thing that can happen to you. The first part of the story where we learn that Kamala is Muslim is simply a introduction of the different conflicts that her faith may cause problem. As much a what the conflicts if the character was black, Asian, Jewish, Buddhist would have because of who they are.

So in the long run I enjoyed Ms Marvel. Am I going to get some more….um, maybe. Just simple I reading so much books I have to be really picky. But saying that I am not telling you not to get this book. I would get it and give a shot.

In the end I give Ms Marvel #1  3 pops out of 5.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke

Twitter: @JohnGMBurke



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