Movie Mondays: The Final Moments Of Karl Brant

Hey all you lovely Poppers welcome back to another Movie Monday.

Today’s short film is from writer/director/producer M.Francis Wilson.

The Final Moments Of Karl Brant

This film is set in the future where a scientist is working on experimental technology that will download  persons memories and but them on a hard drive. Using this digital technology police us it to talk to Karl Brant and ask him who may have killed him.

The movie stars Paul Reubens, Janina Gavanker, Fay Masterson, Jon Sklaroff and Peter Chekvala. Of those actors you may recognize Paul Reubens aka: Pee Wee Herman. It was nice to see Paul in a different role and he does some great stuff in this short film.

I enjoyed this film. The acting was great and the special effects of digital Karl Brant was impressive. So take sometime and give this short a watch. I think you will enjoy it.

Source: YouTube, Nerdist


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