Movie Monday: The Reward

Hey all and welcome back to another Movie Monday.

Today short film is a animation from The Animation Workshop, Denmark.

Two young men in a small town, bored, find adventure from a heroic stranger that comes to town and leaves behind a map. At first the two men fight over the map and rip it in half. They are forced to work together for find the treasure and there is where the adventure begins. The art style of the is distinct mix magic and medieval sword play set in a very different world.  The characters finally come to find the treasure was the adventure. So take some time and watch this offbeat but very interesting piece.

Source: YouTube

Ep13 I’m a Teenager Now With GeekyGamerChick

Howdy Good Neighbor and welcome again to The Popculture Cafe. The podcast that has you wonder what strange info he has to pass along. Well this time I have the pleasure of talking to Courtney aka:GeekyGamerChick. We had a great time just talking like regular folks and talking geek. Our conversation ranged for her favorite movie, Walter Mity, Blogs, Pacific Rim, Not liking horror movies. Also T.V., Almost Human, Godzilla, Star Trek, Star Wars, Jennifer Hill and clowns. So please take a listen and relax with some chat between myself and Courtney.

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Cosplay Thursday

Well folks here it is again another Thursday and once again I have some interesting Cosplayer. If you happen to see a theme of mostly woman here. Well it is simple. Most of the Cosplayer seems to be woman. Maybe they just have more courage then the men. Thank god they do.

Source: Cosplay Facebook

Movie Monday: Malaria

Today I have a well crafted piece of work done by Edson Oda. This is a awesome piece of work and great imagination to come up with this concept for this short film. The short film combines Origami, Kirigami, Time lapse, nankin illustration, Comic Books and Western Cinema. It is beautiful mixer of them all together.


MALARIA tells the story of Fabiano, a young Mercenary who is hired to kill Death.

Source: YouTube

Hello Muddah

Hey all how the H.E. double hockey sticks are you all. So welcome back and this time around I did not edit as much so it does sound a little rough. I talk about the top ten grossing films of 2013, Agent Carter, Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Doctor Who again. The casting of the new Kyle Reese in the reboot of Terminator: Genesis and a bunch of other stuff. I also rabble on at the end of the thoughts on my podcasting future.

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