This Is How A Geek Quits A Job

So your a geek and you leaving your job and want to leave on a high note. A geek high note.

Well David Waddell, a councilman in the town of Indian Trail, N.C. came up with a way. David announced that he would be resigning his seat on council effect Jan. 31. So how did he make his announcement, well in two ways. First one well written in English and the second one was written in Klingon. That is right boys and girls, Klingon.  Waddell was frustrated in the way council handle various affairs so found this creative way to resign.

Have to give it to this guy for doing  it in a original way.


Oh yeah the mayor Michael Alvarez was not impressed by the letter calling it “It’s a embarrassment for Indian Trail and for North Carolina.”

Mayor Alvarez needs to have some fun. Geeezzzz.