Movie Monday’s: Heavenly Sword-Animated Series

Hey Poppers welcome back to another Movie Monday’s

Today’s movie is Heavenly Sword-Animated Series. Now if you remember that one of the launch titles for the PS3 was the game “Heavenly Sword”. Heavenly Sword is still considered to one to the best games for the PS3 after these years.

This movie/series tells the story of the Heavenly Sword. How it came to be and how man fought for the honor of holding the sword and welding its power. A band of warriors were chosen to take the sword and hold it and protect it from man until the savior was born to be the true holder.

The style of the series reminds me of the style used for the Afro Samurai series and is beautiful looking. The series was produced by Blinkink and animated by Chase animation.

So spend a few minutes to watch this piece.


Cosplay Thursday

Hey all

Welcome back to another cosplay Thursday. Again I have some amazing cosplayer and their amazing work. The work done by these creators should be applauded for their time put into their creations.

Source: Cosplay Facebook


Eternal Warrior #1

EternalWarrior1Variant  Eternal Warrior #1

Writer: Greg Pak

Artist: Trevor Harsine

Colorist: Brian Reber

Lettering: Simon Bowland

Valiant again release another book from the vault of the Valiant universe with Eternal Warrior #1. Original part of the Valiant line that ran from 1992 to 1996 the book was the creation of Jim Shooter and John Dixon.

Gilad Anni-Padda along with his brother Aram the Other (aka Armstrong) are immortals with Gilad also know as the “Fist and Steel” for the Geomancers. This retelling of the Eternal Warrior is written by Greg Pak (Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, Code Monkey Save World) introduces us to Gilad as he prepares for battle against the Death Cult of Nergal, a bunch of big goons that doped up on liquid speed and become savage animals. Gilad is his son Mitu along with rest of the tribe prepare for battle. Gilad’s daughter Xaran also wishes to come but Gilad tells her no by punching her in the face. As the battle happens and it seems that Gilad and his tribe are loosing and Xaran arrives onto a elephant. Xaran is full of blood lust and plans to kill everything including woman and children. Gilad tries to stop her but fails and in her blood lust she attempts to kill Gilad and does kill her brother Mitu believing that he is a impure. Gilad later awakes on the battle over and his son dead. We late find Gilad living alone, tired of battle and the blood. But soon that comes to a end.

Greg Pak does a excellent job to introducing us to Gilad and setting up the first arch. Pak’s writing is smooth and does not try to be to heavy and he does a wonderful job. The art work by Trevor Hairsine (Judge Dredd, Captain America, Black Panther) is beautiful and colorist Brian Reber  has the look of being done in water color.

So in the end I recommend that you pick up Eternal Warrior #1 and give it a 4 out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destoryed


Movie Mondays: The Backwater Gospel

Hello again Poppers and welcome back to another Movie Monday

Today’s is a short animated film from The Animation Workshop. Directed by Bo Mathorne and from lead animator Arthur Gil Larsen. This short film is a beautiful and as well as a little creepy animated piece. The animation still is different from anything I have seen. Looking like it was filmed by paper mache puppets but is not and the look is amazing.

When the undertaker comes to town it is not long before Death comes following and the God fearing people of Blackwater wait in terror in the homes waiting to see who it will be.


Hidden Towers: Gleaming The Cube

Hey Poppers

So I have this music video to pass onto you all. It is from a band in Vancouver, Hidden Towers. The band consisting of original members Chris Cantrell and Ben Holland have been around since 2009. Now with drummer Jakob Svoboda have release a video to the song “Gleaming The Cube”. If you are afraid of clowns then you pass on the video. Chicken. Hidden Towers won the CITR radio’s Shindig competition in 2009. The band took some time off but are back up and ready to attach 2013 with their full attention. Hidden Towers music is a computation of classic metal, 70’s jazz fusion, space rock and post-hardcore. So take a few moments and give this band a listen to.

The Video is directed by Rhys Lillo and director of photography is Corbie Fieldwalker

Source: YouTube, Hidden Towers

Cosplay Thursday

Well hello again Poppers and welcome back to another cosplay Thursday. Again I have amazing pieces of work done by some talent people from the cosplay world. In this Thursday collection there is a nice one of a father and daughter dressed up. I thought it was cute. Enjoy.

Source: Cosplay Facebook


Batman: Black and White #1

BM_BLKWHT_Cv1_09faq10822_  Batman: Black and White #1

Artist: Michael Cho, Neal Adams, Joe Quinones, Sean Murphy and Chris Samnee

Writer: Chip Kidd, Neal Adams, Maris Wicks, John Arcudi and Howard Mackie

Lettering: Dezi Sienty, Erica Schultz, Rob Leigh, Sal Caipriano and Jack Morelli

DC has launched another comic in the Batman line with Batman: Black and White. The premise is simply have a some of comics greatest writers and artist create a series of short Batman stories. This is going to be a six issue mini series and kicked off by the list of writers and artist listed above.

I never read any of the original releases of the Batman: Black and White so I have no reference point from those books. Each story is special and different by way of the writers and artist take on their particular story. The art work of Michael Cho  was great and harkens back to the style of the 1940 but also looking fresh and new for this generation. The art of Chris Samnee for some reason give me the feeling of a underground comic. The lettering by Jack Morelli also helps add to that feeling. Sean Murphy work on the story “Driven” by John Arcudi has strong solid lines mixed in what look like fast scribbled mixed in to make something different and amazing. But the story and work of Neal Adams is the one that I remembered days after reading the book. “Zombie Batman” is the telling of Batman’s helplessness of not being able to fight all the crime he see happening around him. The crime of a family being kick out of their home. A man stealing bread to feed his family. The crimes that the Batman can not physically fight. In the end Bruce Wayne realizes that there are somethings that “The Batman” can not do and only Bruce Wayne can.

Over all I do recommend getting this book for the simple reason that you get some great stories and art in just one book.

So I give Batman: Black and White 4 bats out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.