First Impressions

Okay, okay, okay.

I first saw a write up and video on The Mary Sue about how we need a Wonder Woman movie and why we do not have one. I totally agree that we need a Wonder Woman movie and we need it soon before Hollywood decides that super hero movies are no longer a money maker. Well the next day The Mary Sue posted a video by directed by Leo Kei Angeleos, written by George H. Ruiz & Leo Kei Angelos, produced by George H Ruiz and original music by Glen Cheney.

First Impressions

This short film stars Hailey Bright, Chester See and Doug Jones

I love this short and unless you a male chauvinist you can not love this depiction of a strong female charactor. Actress Hailey Bright is AWESOME in the lead and I would to see her in a full length film version.

So watch this and you tell Hollywood to get off their asses and make a good treatment of Wonder Woman.

Source: The Mary Sue

2 thoughts on “First Impressions”

  1. I love your passion for the film but I gotta say at the 3 minute mark I was getting kind of bored with it, I don’t think there is a big market for this type of superhero,did you ever see Catwoman ? as the majority of superhero fans are young teenage boys I think you will always struggle with wonder woman.

    1. I did not see Catwoman but like any movie a shitty script and a shitty director can ruin any movie. I am sure with the right talent and a someone that can do a lot with a small budget a movie could be made. Well teenage boys can be bought with a shitload of action.

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