wildblue1aLike Half Past Danger, Wild Blue Yonder goes back in time to try and capture the days of the movie serial adventure and they do. The story by Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison takes place in a world dying from radiation and pollution. To survive the population built giant flying aircraft’s but only for a few of the chosen few. The rest of population work in mines below supplying energy for those in the skies. But all is not perfect in the skies above and those that live there fight brutal wars to survive and only the fittest survive.

The idea of people living in the sky is not a original idea. I have seen a few Japanese anime movies that use the same premise. There is a blend of different concepts here, steam punk, The Rocketeer, WW2 and sci fi, and it works. Mike Raicht, Zach Howard and Austin Harrison have crafted a interesting story and the first book speeds along like a Indiana Jones film, Your main charcters are introduce quickly, Cola the female hot shot pilot and her newly re crewed gunner Tug and then BAM,  the action starts.

The art work by Zach Howard is great and detailed. There is a heavy emphasis on color brown in this book but it gives it a feel of a old pulp fiction book with a hint of red here and there. The full page panels on pages 12 and 13 shows great action with planes fighting and jet pack combatants  going to town on each other.

I could go into deeper detail of the story but then you don’t need to read the book and I think you should pick this one up. So in short my fellow Poppers I give Wild Blue Yonder 4 fighter planes out of 5.

Oh on a side note, Wild Blue Yonder #1 however sold out before it hit the shelves, all  12,327 printed copies pre-allocated and a great launch for the title as reported on Bleeding Cool site. I also have to mention that Like Half Past Danger is going to it second printing.

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The-Terminator-terminator-24509187-1920-1080_0Well guess what, the brains in Hollywood have decided to reboot another franchise because it takes less time to reboot a movie than think of anything new. Report on The Nerdist, Paramount Pictures, in association with Annapurna Pictures and Skydance Productions will start production of a proposed trilogy of movies.

Of course this new movie will not have an Arnie in them, well that is my guess. The movies will have nothing to do with the Arnie Terminator movies. No cast or crew has been announced for what has been reported a 2015 release date.

I am sure they hope that the movie going public will again just give their money away with the 18-25 male audience being the bigger spenders. Since the original Terminator movie the video game business has become huge and the movie will contain much more violence so they can keep the attention of the new younger audience.

Source: The Nerdist

Ender’s Game Extended Preview

Another Castle

“The story itself, the true story, is the one that the audience members create in their minds, guided and shaped by my text, but then transformed, elucidated, expanded, edited, and clarified by their own experience, their own desires, their own hopes and fears.” — ‘Ender’s Game’, Orson Scott Card

This truly is the year of the nerd. With the numerous superhero movies recently released (Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, etc.), the greatness that was Into Darkness, and a film adaptation of zombie genius, World War Z, geeks and fangirls everywhere had every reason to raid their local theaters, and very soon, they’ll have cause to do so again. A movie adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s award-winning novel, Ender’s Game is hitting theaters this November. I’m…bugging out… (Sorry, I had to.)

Anyways, for those poor, unfortunate souls that have not read the novel, here’s…

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Movie Mondays: Archetype

Well welcome again to another Movie Monday’s Poppers. This short was film uploaded Jan 19, 2012 and has caught the attention of Hollywood land. It will be going into full production with Fox studios. So show some love to this one. Check out articles at Hollywood Reporter and and Variety

RL7 is a eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning and begins to have memories of being human. RL7 sets out of find out what is happening to him and the reason for memories.

Direct by Aaron Sims

Produced by John Norris, Aaron Sims and April Wade

Story by Aaron Sims

Written by Zachory Parris

Starring Robert Joy (Land of the Dead, CSI:NY) and David Anders (Heros, 24).

Source: YouTube