X-MEN #1

2912509-xmenAnother new book coming in the Marvel Now universe is X-men #1. This new book stars the X-Woman in their own book. Written by Brian Wood and penciled by Oliver Coipel. Book #1 opens with Jubilee return home with a baby in hand in a back pack actually.  Also following her home is a old enemy looking for help from a alien entity that could destroy the big blue ball we all live on. The baby that Jubilee brings back to the mutant family home may not be what she appears and could be the only hope to save the world or its destroyer. Worried about Jubilee, Kitty, Storm and Rogue head off to intercept the train that Jubilee is on and protect her from the person following her. Then BLAME the action begins.

Brain Wood does a good job introducing us to the main players in the book and the dialogue is easy.  Not heavy on the techno diarrhea that made me stop reading the X books many moons ago. I have always been a fan of strong woman characters and it is nice to see more positive strong female characters. I am sorry to say that I have not been following the X world for awhile so much of what is happening in the book is new to me. But saying that it is good seeing it fresh again. I hope that Brain Wood can keep the stories more about the characters then about the tech heavy world of X men universe.

Art work by Olivier Coipel is great but also at times is blurring and sketchy. The one thing that kept annoying me a little was Olivier’s  version of Kitty. Kitty still looked like the little girl that was first introduced in Uncanny X-Men #129. I can still see that innocent little girl. Maybe in the next few issues I will be able to see a more adult version of her.

So in the end I did like this book and do plan on getting a few more issues before I make up mind. I want to see how the story unfolds and if the strong female characters remain that way.

I give X-Men #1 3 drooling babies out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

The second installment of the Percy Jackson movie franchise(Is there a franchise???) will be hitting theaters August 7, 2013. I have not really paid much attention to this movie but since I saw that nerd master Nathan Fillion was in the movie I had to take a look. If you a fan of Nathan Fillion you will smile.

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