Free Comic Book Day 2013

Free comic book day has been around since 2002 and since then numerous comic book fans old and new have waited for the first Saturday in May ever since it has began. If your new and want to check out what is new and exciting in the world of comics this is the day. If you have been collecting for years it is your Christmas day.

Publisher have come up with a few books then run from your family friendly variety to the comic that most of us are used to. Violent and bloody. Okay a lot with really good stories also. There will be tons available and if you looking for some new titles that are not part of the celebration many stores will be selling books at discount prices. There is no reason not to be able to find something new. A full of the comics available Saturday are available at Free Comic Book Day website.

Hey is your not sure what the hell it is all about, Hugh Jackman has a YouTube video telling you all about it. Oh yeah and reminding your about “The Wolverine”

Here are just some to the titles that will be available on Saturday. Remember also to show your local comic shop some love. The books are free to us but you local comic shop does have to pay for them. So get some back issues or buy a book that you always to read. Remeber comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


Valiant StarWars Absolution TheWalkingDeadFCBD2013_Corrected Superman BuckRogers