X-MEN #1

2912509-xmenAnother new book coming in the Marvel Now universe is X-men #1. This new book stars the X-Woman in their own book. Written by Brian Wood and penciled by Oliver Coipel. Book #1 opens with Jubilee return home with a baby in hand in a back pack actually.  Also following her home is a old enemy looking for help from a alien entity that could destroy the big blue ball we all live on. The baby that Jubilee brings back to the mutant family home may not be what she appears and could be the only hope to save the world or its destroyer. Worried about Jubilee, Kitty, Storm and Rogue head off to intercept the train that Jubilee is on and protect her from the person following her. Then BLAME the action begins.

Brain Wood does a good job introducing us to the main players in the book and the dialogue is easy.  Not heavy on the techno diarrhea that made me stop reading the X books many moons ago. I have always been a fan of strong woman characters and it is nice to see more positive strong female characters. I am sorry to say that I have not been following the X world for awhile so much of what is happening in the book is new to me. But saying that it is good seeing it fresh again. I hope that Brain Wood can keep the stories more about the characters then about the tech heavy world of X men universe.

Art work by Olivier Coipel is great but also at times is blurring and sketchy. The one thing that kept annoying me a little was Olivier’s  version of Kitty. Kitty still looked like the little girl that was first introduced in Uncanny X-Men #129. I can still see that innocent little girl. Maybe in the next few issues I will be able to see a more adult version of her.

So in the end I did like this book and do plan on getting a few more issues before I make up mind. I want to see how the story unfolds and if the strong female characters remain that way.

I give X-Men #1 3 drooling babies out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

The second installment of the Percy Jackson movie franchise(Is there a franchise???) will be hitting theaters August 7, 2013. I have not really paid much attention to this movie but since I saw that nerd master Nathan Fillion was in the movie I had to take a look. If you a fan of Nathan Fillion you will smile.

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Doomsday1_cvrAOriginal done back in July 1975 thru May 1976 as  a six part story by writer Joe Gill and penciled/inked by John Byrne Doomsday +1 took place in a apocalypse aftermath of earth. So now years later John Byrne updates this story for IDW. In this updated telling of the story we find a group of astronauts orbiting the earth in a international space station and have discovered a large solar flare heading for earth. Unlike the original story it is the solar flare that causes the apocalypse and not man. The book cuts between the astronauts on the station and their fight to survive the coming solar flare and four different scenes that will play out later in the story.  Two of the side stories do look interesting. The Pope using a double to help keep the frighten crowds some hope while he flees to safety and feeling little for the people that about to die. A group of inmates at a Texas prison that escape and like all good apocalypse stories will become the motorcycle, gun welding crazies that wander the now scotch earth. Oh boy there be some good killing coming.

I like John Byrne’s art style. His art work on the magazine of Star Lord is what got me hooked on comics and I have bought and read almost all of his work. The story is quick and fast pace like the opening act of action/disaster movie. Introduce the main characters of the story. Show what story A will be and sub stories and lets get to the action with some dialogue to help move the story along. If you think I am dishing on Mr Byrne hell no. I am hoping that as any good action movie the story will get better and the action faster as the book moves on. So bring on the next chapter of the story and lets hope for a bumpy and fun ride.

I give Doomsday .1 3 solar flares out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.



Star Trek Continues

So I had the chance to final get to watch the premiere episode of the new fan base series  Star Trek Continues. The series created by Farragut Films and Dracogen Investments takes up the remaining of years of the Starship Enterprise. The series is being shot in the original 4:3 format to keep the authenticity so you get the feel of watching the series back in 1966-1969. The series stars Vic Mignogna as Captain Kirk, Todd Haberkorn as Spock, Larry Nemecek as Dr. McCoy and Chris Doohan as Mr Scott. Yes if your are wondering Chris is the son of James Doohan.  Rounding out the cast is Grant Imahara as Sulu, Kim Singer as Uhaura and Whyatt Lenhart as Chekov.

I have to say seeing Vic Mignogan as Captain Kirk was different, not because of his acting but as a fan. Seeing someone else in that role except William Shanter takes some getting use to. Vic Mignogan did a great job and I have to say the rest of the actors did a great job also. Chris Doohan portraying Scotty was fun to see and I think he did a great job.  Pilgrim Of Eternity reintroduces us to Apollo. Michael Forest, original series actor who played Apollo, reprises his role. The other thing I notice while watching the episode was the music not sure why but hearing the original music from the series made me smile. The set work was also top notch and it shows. If they can find that grainy feel of film and mix it into post production then I have to say they have a real winner on there hands. I am looking forward to more episodes. If you pay attention you will find a couple of surprises here also. Pay attention to the computer voice and if you can look thru the helmet you may recognize the actor helping clean off the hull. So click on the link or watch on YouTube either way watch it. Star Trek Continues deserves a look.