Wolverine #1

ImageWell boys and girls this is my first review of a book that I have read on my tablet. Stay tuned on this channel for my view on that.

Wolverine #1 opening page has the old canuck on the floor with half of his body regenerating. Not a pretty picture but well done by artist Alan Davis. The book written by Paul Cornell, pencilled by Davis and inked by Mark Farmer is, if correct the fifth number 1 book about the Wolverine and his adventures. Wolverine finds himself in a hostage situation with a crazy guy killing off hostages for no real reason. Don’t you love crazy people? The one line in the book that seemed strange to me was Wolverine calling himself a “super hero” I really have a hard time believing old Wolfy calling himself a “super hero”

The story is alright and moves along nicely and has a nice little surprise but not overly shocking. I have enjoyed Alan Davis work since I first found him and still enjoy it. Simple and clean, not to heavy on detail which I personally like. I am trying to find something that makes me say this is a awesome book but really I can’t. It is average and nothing really special. There is a small point where you we see the Wolverine we love but it is brief.

In the end the book was fine but not great. But hey that is my thought and if your a big fan of Wolverine I say get it. But you can find a lot more out there with Wolverine that maybe worth a look.

So I give Wolverine #1 3 drunken monkeys out 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed not destroyed