Five Weapons

Hello Nerdnuants.

Five Weapons is the story of a young boy, Tyler Shainline the son of a world class assassin sent to a special school that trains the next wave to assassins. The premise is interesting that there is a school specially designed to train group of hitman. Through Tyler’s eyes we are introduced to the school, teachers and the five skills that are taught. Knives, Staves, Archery, Exotic Weapons, and Guns. Everything a child need to learn to be a great killer, awww that is so sweet. Now I could go and tell you some of little bits of the story but I don’t want to. You need to go and get this book and read it yourself.

Jimmie Robinson, creator, writer, illustrator and letterer has created a interesting story that is well you money. There is a surprise at the end to the book that I was not dissatisfied with it at all. Unlike a certain book about a spider type man. Robinson art work has styles of Anime(a character with a bandage on her nose), North America influences with a hint of French. I am not sure about the French part but I think I see it? Though there a some serious business about to happen in the story it also has a light and humorous feeling to it. Just take a look at the art and you will see it.

So what I am saying here is go out and get this book. It is book 1 in a series of 5 and I am looking forward to getting the rest of the series. So get it and have some fun.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed not destroyed.


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