Deadpool #4
Deadpool #4

Hello Nerd and Nerdits. So how is it going? So I finished reading Deadpool #4 and I have to say that I am really enjoy getting this book ever month. It is my son’s copy but I read it before giving it to him. This issue old Deadpool is still hunting down dead presidents brought back to life  by a Necromancer. I think Deadie is having a grand old time doing it. Deadpool gets JFK’s attention by pretending to be Marilyn Monroe and shows off a little Deadpool noodle. JFk may of wished he could have put a bullet in his head  at that moment. Later in the book Deadpool gets in to ring for a good old smash mouth fight with old Abraham Lincoln still wearing his top hat. Deadpool asks Abe if he has every made a trip up to Canada and put a short hairy baby in a woman. Get the drift, huh, do yeah?? Deadpool makes his way thru a few of the dead presidents slicing and dicing them up as he dances thru the panels. The whole book if fun to read and has a few good giggles in it.  Brian Posehn a stand up comedian and Gerry Duggan writing is witty and entertaining. The snappy dialogue and breaking down the third wall is excellent and I enjoy the mouthy, smart ass Wade Winston Wilson better than his somber less funny counter part I just finished reading in Deadpool Killustrated. I like the art work of Tony Moore. Not as smooth and clean like the art I prefer but I can not draw as well as him so I not going to bitch. Tony’s  art reminds me of something I would find in Mad magazine and I mean that in a good way. Over all I like this book a lot and plan on keeping it in my pull box even after my son stops collecting it.

So folks did I have fun reading DEADPOOL. Hell yeah, fun enough to keep reading it. Hey give it a shot. If do not like it then give it away to the kid next door.

Comics are made to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


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