ImageI sat down the other night a watched Part 2 of Batman The Dark Knight Returns. The movies picks up just after the events of Part 1. This time the story centers on the return of the Joker(Michael Emerson) coming back to play with the Batman(Peter Weller). The Joker tricks his shrink to allow him on a local talk show. The Batman arrives only to be greeted by Gotham city finest. The Joker kills his shrink and the audience allowing him to escape and plan his final play date with the Batman.  Batman escapes with the help of Robin(Ariel Winter) and heads over to Selina Kyle and finds her bound gagged by the Joker. Robin finds cotton candy on the floor and Batman believes the Joker will strike next at the amusement park. This sets up for the final battle between the two. The fight smashes thru the House of Horror and ending in the Tunnel of Love with the Joker killing innocent people all the way thru the park. Batman feels guilty for all the people the Joker has killed because of letting the Joker live. The final fight between the two if fitting end.

Joker wears a new eye piece curtsey of The Batman.
Joker wears a new eye piece curtsey of The Batman.

Also the B side of the movie has Batman(Peter Weller) and Superman(Mark Valley) confronting each other. Superman is working for the U.S. government as a operative in exchanged to still help people. The White house is being embarrassed by Batman vigilantism  and wants the big blue boyscout to go and bring him in. This leads to a action packed fight between the icons of the DC universe. Batman builds a Superman battle suit to help even the odds and with the help of Robin and Oliver Queen(Robin Atkin Downes) take down Superman. Batman only weakens Superman to show that he can be beat and Batman was the man that did it.

Batman gives a little shock to the head
Batman gives a little shock to the head

DC has a been able to put out well crafted animated movies that are better than their live action movies. With the exception of the Batman movies if you want good story telling and fast paced action try the animated series to DC movies. All in all Batman The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and 2 are a good buy and fun to watch.

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