Page 11 of Savage Wolverine

Another new title in the Marvel Now is Savage Wolverine. The book is written and draw by Frank Cho. The idea is interesting, take the man with the berserker rage and place him in the Savage Land. I am not sure but has this ever been done and if not why did it take so long. Come on man what is more natural here. A place where Logan can let loose and do what he does best. Let the animal loose. The art work is great as always from Frank Cho and the story is interesting. Shanna The She-Devil is also on the island having survived a crash while scouting the island with S.H.E.I.L.D. Wolverine appears on the island 8 months later not knowing where he is. The story is good and makes me interested in picking up a couple more to see how it runs.The page I find interesting is page 11 or the page where Wolverine attacks the Neanderthals and slices them up. I have noticing lately and I am sure it has been happening earlier but the increase of  more graphic violence in, for the lack of better terms, mainstream comics(DC/Marvel). I am sure some of you maybe saying it has be around for awhile. Hey I am  a little slow here at times. I do not remember one myself. Anyway I here to review the comic not the state of comics today. Without giving much away, I not going to tell you anything really because you need to read the book. Wolverine and Shanna set out to blow up a machine blocking their signal for help to get out. The last page is great with Wolverine falling from the sky, thinking to himself,  “cripes this is gonna hurt”. Nice panel.

So was it a fun read, yeah. Fun enough for me to pick a more, yes. Go ahead and get yourself a copy and have fun to.

Comics are meant to be enjoyed, not destroyed.

That is the way I see it anyway.


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