So in another title in the Marvel Now line is the relaunch of the Fantastic Four. The splash page shows the Richards family and Ben Grimm in trouble, one year in the future. The only real evidence of anything different is Ben Grimm is human again. The next page shows the present and Franklin Richards is screaming himself awake. Now the funny part for me is when the mombots come running into the room instead of Sue. The first thing that popped into my head was another young man abandoned by his mom. Years from now Franklin is seeing a shrink telling the shrink how his mom was never around. Always saving the world or battle Galactus but was never there to see him in the school play. Think Marvel may want to use this in a future story?  Another interesting part was Johnny Storm giving his girlfriend, Darla Deering his real phone number because he likes her likes her. Awww.  While underneath their floating pod is a war is ranging, how romantic. After finding out that his cells are molecules are breaking down and fears the rest of the Fantastic Four are effected, Reed decides it is time for a road trip. Reed tells the rest of the group about his road trip adventure with everyone, including the kids. Umm…. where have I heard this one before, oh yeah. Remember the TV show, Lost in Space. I will let you decide who plays whom.  I did like reading this book, it was a fun read. Writer Matt Fraction made reading the book enjoyable and the art by Mark Bagley was good. So was it fun, yeah. Fun enough for me to pick up a couple more issues of Lost in Space….sorry, Fantastic Four.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed, not destroyed.


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